Wall Street Strikes Again, DC Beats Marvel at the TV Game, and Martin Scorsese and Cameron Crowe Make Their Greatest Movies

Sept. 18-24: Burt Reynolds comes to TV, Kate Hudson rocks out, we meet TV’s Frank, Chris Elliot gets a life, Penelope Cruz gets on top, Steve Guttenberg becomes Lobo, Zach Snyder likes owls, Steve Buscemi is a bootlegger, Donald Glover isn’t Spider-Man, and Joe Pesci is a wise guy. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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2 thoughts on “Wall Street Strikes Again, DC Beats Marvel at the TV Game, and Martin Scorsese and Cameron Crowe Make Their Greatest Movies

  1. Lobo. Memory is a funny thing. I never saw this film. Never had any interest in seeing this film. And yet 30 years after it’s release I tried to recall the VHS cover and when I googled the picture of “Don’t Tell Her It’s Me” its VHS cover was more or less exactly as I remembered it; Steve Guttenberg with a giant mullet, legs akimbo and arms triumphantly at his side as a woman swoons at his feat. I had forgot about the second woman but that was about the only thing off in my memory. Why did my brain decide to keep that bit of information for 30 years? I think it may speak to the power of physical media and/or the power of memory from childhood as compared to that of middle age as I seriously doubt I will be able to recall a single Netflix “cover image” of any of the films I don’t have any interest in watching today but that I am aware of existing thanks to the Netflix que.

    Goodfellas. TWENTY-EIGHT (!) of the actors in Goodfellas went on to have roles in The Sopranos.

    MST3K. Rocket Ship XM and the introduction of TV’s frank (and Crow’s new voice). I consider myself a pretty huge MST3K fan. I backed the Kickstarter, I’ve gone to Cons and met Mike (got him to record a answering machine message for me too!) and was part of a RATMM for years. But this is when I really consider the show to have started and I’ve yet to sit through a single KTMA-TV episode.

    The Flash. Oh do I remember when this came out. In 1990 it was actually really realy hard to find super-hero media. You could rent Batman ’89 and Superman I & II at the video store but you couldn’t really depend upon there being any Superhero films in any given year. At all. And TV? Well, you had Swamp Thing and …. And pretty much nothing else until the Flash came out. And for a 1990 TV show the pilot looked awesome! When compare it’s production values with say an episode of Major Dad, it was operating on a whole nother level. I watched it every chance I could and there were hints of arcs across episodes in it that could have been incredible if they would have fully blossomed but in some ways it was really too ambitious for a 1990-1991 TV show. I hope you talk about Mark Hamill’s portrayal of the Trickster for Sweep’s weak. That was released as a VHS-“movie” back in the day and it was a fantastic portrayal of Not-The-Joker by Mr. Hamill.

    Get a Life. ANOTHER show I devoured! I loved the humor in it and couldn’t really explain why to any of my Junior High school acquaintances but it’s interesting to me that it’s a mix of Letterman, Simpsons, and Mr. Show people, all shows I loved. Oh, I don’t remember how it came up but my wife actively DESPISES this show and when she learned I loved it when I was young she pointed out, not for the first time, how much our school-age counterparts would have never gotten along. Time. She is funny, no?

    What is an old video game that had an awesome mechanic that you loved back in the day but that wouldn’t hold up much today? For me it’s Back to the Future 2/3 the video game. I think I only rented this game (because I had already been burned by BttF 1 on NES) but I remember really loving the time-travel mechanic. It was incredibly crude, as you would expect from a NES game, but if you were in 1955 and you planted a seed and you traveled back to 1985 their would be a tree where you had planted the seed (allowing you to jump up on a ledge or whatever). I’m sure it would be incredibly lame from a 2020 perspective but back in 1990 it felt super fresh.

    What is a popular song’s whose worldview is so alien to you that you have trouble enjoying it? For me it’s Bette Midler’s From a distance. I can admire the talent that went into it but this song is just Not For Me as I don’t get the slightest bit of comfort from the lyrics but more like something close to existential dread. “Oh Gee JR. The problems of you and your loved ones or strangers you read about are just so far removed from me that you are all pretty much ants from the proper distance!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN4AcFzxtdE

    Made in Dagenham. Sounds interesting. Anyone want to go to bat for it?

    Hank Williams. Are you ready for some football? Are you? Well are you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmQFz3WugQE

    Little Mermaid 2 Pinball Frenzy. GBC OK, now I’m going to play this just to say I played it.

    1970. Jimi Hendrix died. Only three actual albums? Wow. Is there any other musician who has made such a big impact with such little work?

    Have you seen The Apartment (1960)? (Dianna has recommended this multiple times and for what it’s worth I recommend it as well.)

    Teenage Dream. Is Katy Perry the oldest singer to sing about teenage issues? If not, who is?

    Legends of the Guardians of I’m-Not-Going-To-Bother-Googling-The-Name. My children refused to watch this after about five minutes.

    In light of the host’s recommendation to skip Wall Street Colin Money Never Sleeps and watch The Big Short instead, what is your favorite “Don’t watch that bad movie, watch THIS good movie instead!”-recommendation?

    Boardwalk Empire. I’m a huge history dork so I really wanted to like it but my wife and I fell off of at season 2 and going back to it just seems like work and I’m not sure I’ve ever been glad I went back to a TV show that felt like work in my entire life so I guess this will forever remained unfished for me. For what it’s worth the non-fiction history book this is based on is really really good.

    Civilization V. I have a deep connection to the Civilization series. I’ve played it over slightly less years than I’ve played Mario but because there is only one entry in the series ever 5 plus year each one has come at a new phase of my life. This one came out a few days after my daughter was born and I was very cognizant that was going to be the case. I actually had some free time before the birth and I did one play through of Civ 1, 2, 3, and 4. And then 5 came out while I was adjusting to being a first time and stay at home Dad. Full story here: https://www.gamerswithjobs.com/node/1300373

    Patty Boyd inspired three love songs? There is a movie in that.

  2. Hate to do this to you, but Miles Morales had his comic debut in 2011, and Community’s second season started in 2010.

    BUT, Donald Glover appearing in his Spidey pajamas in that episode was a direct result in the creation of Miles! So you guys were close!

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