Meet Gaylord Focker, A Very Underrated Coen Brothers Movie, and Terrible, Terrible Remakes!

Oct. 2-8: Steven Seagal whips his hair, we learn a new zip code in Beverly Hills, Bjork makes a musical, CSI debuts, Secretariat doesn’t star Bojack Horseman, Kandi debuts, Henry Miller is NC-17, Abed goes on a background adventure, Colin Farrell goes to ‘Nam, and the Gilmore Girls bond over piles of dialogue. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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3 thoughts on “Meet Gaylord Focker, A Very Underrated Coen Brothers Movie, and Terrible, Terrible Remakes!

  1. Wrong. I like My Soul To Take. Mind you, part of it is for sentimental reasons considering it was the last film Wes Craven made where he both wrote and direct and I got to see it when it came out. No way was I going to miss that.

    But I geniunely there’s a lot to like. I mean, the premise is interesting and I liked how it started and ended. And even the acting isn’t bad. At least I recommend giving it a chance.

  2. Which Steven Seagul films are good? NOTE: This is not asking which is your favorite or which is his best, but out of all the films he has ever made, which ones could reasonably be classified as a “good film” and NOT in a so-bad-it’s-good way but in a it’s-a-genuinely-good-way?

    Miller’s Crossing. I’ve never seen it but I keep meaning to watch every last Coen film. Who is a Director, or Directors whose entire repertoire you have watched? Green Day Minoirty

    Which movie made you the most happy by the fact that it lost money?

    Meet the Parents. I don’t think I have every cringed as much at any film as I did at this one when I watched this one. What film made you cringe the most?

    Meet the Parents SNL sketch, 20 years later

    Strangers With Candy. I have heard about this for twenty years and it keeps sounding like something I want to watch but I’ve never seen a single frame of the show. What is the sketch of theirs I should watch?

    Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda was when I really realized that I could no longer watch all the sci-if on TV. I know that sounds crazy to ever think you could, but ten years previously (1990) I pretty much was! You could count the number of sci-if TV shows currently running new episode on the air in 1990 on your hands and you might not have to use both of them. But by 2000 that was just no longer possible.
    I’m flat out amazed that this ran longer than ST:TOS though. Are there any other creations of famous people that ran longer than what they are actually famous for creating?

    Apparently no one cares about Dark Angel because the whole thing is on YouTube? I remember watching the first episode and being really intrigued by the dystopia ( A Seattle wracked by chaos and economic disaster? Oh year 2000 TV, you so crazy) but never watched a second episode for some reason.

    So Ed is not streaming anywhere. What TV show that is not streaming anywhere do you most want to start streaming on your service of choice? Is there a good reason it is not streaming?

    SNL’s Bush vs Gore debate. So what is the best SNL Presidential debate sketch of all time? (Add your own if it’s not listed)

    Gilmore Girls. Is this a show I can speed-watch? That’s different than a binge-watch. Generally speaking a Binge watch you every episode of a series in a row. A spee-watch you just watch the best/most important episodes of a show and call it good. Realistically speaking I was never going to watch every episode of How I Met Your Mother as I would never give it that large a share of my precious viewing time but I always found the idea of the show intriguing. So instead I just looked up a couple of lists on the internet and watched the top 25 episodes of the series and found it to be a very enjoyable experience and I feel no need to watch anymore. Is that possible with Gilmore Girls?

    Cathy ends. And yet she still lives on at The Island of Dead IP’s at Universal Studios!

    Is there a master cut anywhere that just shows the story that Abed had in background of that episode?

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