The Outfoxies – Episode 027

I OFFER YOU 80,000 SWISS FRANCS TO LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE.* The second Listeners’ Choice is all about the first arena fighter – the precursor to Super Smash Bros. – NAMCO’s The Outfoxies. Join a full house of co-hosts as we talk about this rather obscure game that features a unique cast of characters like a chimp assassin and some eleven-year old homicidal twins. Why was this game called The Outfoxies? Did it ever take off in Japan? What is the best place to store guard sharks when not in use? We answer those questions and talk about arcade PCB prices, evil contractors, Gals Panic, and more Tiger King (for some reason). Special thanks to listener Tim Walker for nominating this game and Owlnonymous for joining us.


*Not legally binding.



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