God of the Underworld – Vidjagame Apocalypse 388

Spooptober continues with a look at the Greek pantheon’s gloomiest god, as Leif Johnson rejoins us to sift through some of Hades’ more memorable videogame appearances. Then we shift to talking about Star Wars Squadrons, Crash 4, Super Mario Bros. 35, and Baldur’s Gate III, before moving on to Sony’s PS5 teardown video and your favorite zombie games with a twist.

Question of the Week: Which classic Nintendo game should get the battle royale treatment next?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is The Other Side by Pendulum.


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7 thoughts on “God of the Underworld – Vidjagame Apocalypse 388

  1. Qotw: If we’re talking NES games….Zelda, Mario 3, Kid Icarus. SNES wise…SMW or DKC. And while not nintendo IP’s a castlevania, Ninja Gaiden or Mega Man (NES ones) would be killer.

  2. QotW: a battle royale mode in Super Smash Brothers. Do it as a twist on the fighting polygon team of the original game which would simplify the characters so more would show up.

  3. QotW: The Legend of Zelda seems like such an easy answer, but that’s because it’s the correct answer. Random, procedurally generated dungeons that never end are kind of a no-brainer for this format. Rupees add to your time limit, killing enemies and solving puzzles sends enemies to your opponents. Metroid would also work in basically the exact same way, but only if they fix the floaty controls to make it feel more like Super Metroid. Finally, Castlevania would be good for this. These are the obvious answers for a reason.

    1. we sorta got glimpses of the idea w/ the LA switch remake and that dungeon creator…they need to build on that and a battle royale

  4. Speaking of Star Wars Squadrons, I am blown away by how easy and seamless it is to start up the VR. Using my Oculus Rift, it took me literally 30 seconds to set up for VR and I’ve had zero issues (aside from the curved screen cutscenes as Mikel said). One thing I noticed that is…odd? This may have to do with my current PC specs (Ryzen 5, GTX 1060 3GB, 8GB RAM – 32GB of new RAM is in the mail!). When I’m in VR, everything inside the cockpit is amazingly real looking. It feels like I’m in an actual cockpit. But then everything outside the cockpit has a very arcadey feel where you would never mistake any of it as being real. Then when I play without VR, the cockpit itself is cartoony and arcadey, like…REALLY so, but then everything outside the cockpit is far more sharp and textured than before. Also, I think my eyes suck, because this game makes my eyes hurt in VR to where I can only play maybe 30 minutes in VR and then have to switch to the TV (I use my TV as a monitor). But, this works out fine, because it’s literally a single button toggle to switch out and it doesn’t even create lag. Again, blown away and I can’t believe this game was only $40.

  5. QOTW: Yes chris said it f***ing F-ZERO GX, me and my best friends mercury fried the crap out of our GameCubes playing multiplayer from 2003 to 2007, before I got hauled away halfway across the country and never got to see them again. But those memories live on forever!!!
    P.s. great show keep it up.

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