Sorry Jack, Chucky’s Back, Conan Reborn, and Little Nicky is Frickin Terrible

Nov. 6-12: The internet is born, Jeremy Irons is rich and creepy, Creed tries to hug you, Homer is a mascot, Norman Bates begins, Mark Ruffalo is a deadbeat, Val Kilmer goes to space, a boy falls in love with ballet, Ron Silver plays ALL the immoral lawyers, a ‘Girls’ prequel, Denzel punches a train, and the FIRST time we all got sick of the phrase ‘too close to call.’ All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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3 thoughts on “Sorry Jack, Chucky’s Back, Conan Reborn, and Little Nicky is Frickin Terrible

  1. Hey all, I work in elections for a living. Dropping in to say y’all are pretty much right on the money about 2000. One point that doesn’t get raised a lot is that the area with the awful “butterfly ballots,” where many otherwise Gore voters mistakenly voted for Buchanan, would have in itself overturned the count if the votes had been counted as intended. A former prof of mine has essentially proved Gore should have won by as many as 27,000 votes:

    Second, the whole situation with Secretary Katherine Harris being a partisan hack is uncommon in general, but it’s worth noting that the US is the ONLY country that elects its most senior election officials in partisan elections. That’s a mouthful, but my org just released a whole huge report on the subject of conflicted Secretaries of State:

    Finally, I 100% Diana’s vitriol for third-party voters given the outcome of 2000. But studies show that fewer than 50% of them would vote for a R or D candidate if given the chance; and it’s more important to call out the U.S.’s dated, unrepresentative, and/or corrupt systems than it is to shame voters with good intentions. All sorts of shenanigans occurred in the Republican statewide government behind the scenes to ensure that certain sets of votes weren’t counted– if Gore had scraped up 540 extra votes, you’d better believe the Bush-Harris-Kavanaugh-Roberts coalition would’ve found a way to overturn them. We deserve a system that gives third parties an opportunity to be successful.

    Looking forward re-living 2000 over the coming weeks- just hope it’s only via the podcast and not IRL.

  2. What was the very first time you were on the Internet (of any type)? For me I read about a BBS dedicated to Adventure games in, I think, some issue of the LucasArts Adventurer fan magazine. The idea that I could go to some … place?… where EVERYONE there wanted to talk about a niche topic that interested me? That seemed like magic. I grew up in an environment where there was almost no one I could talk to who was interested in the same stuff I was interested in. And the first conversations I had on that BBS? It was awkward and strange and weird but also the most in-depth discussion I had ever had about LucasArts game in my entire life and that was one hell of a rush. There is a quote in “Mad Men” about how Rod Sterling feels like he has been on shore leave binging ever since the end of the War. In some ways I kind of feel that’s my relationship with pop cultural discussions since I got on the internet. I couldn’t have them for so long that when I went on the net and when I could have them literally anytime I wanted for as long as I wanted… yea I probably binged on that too hard for about two decades to tell the truth.

    Child’s Play 2. What is your personal favorite Child’s Play film?

    Charles in Charge finale. The amount of crap TV I watched in my youth makes me weep. I am so resentful of what a free-time-millionaire I was a child, in that I had a ridiculous amount of time to use however I wanted but what I really resent is that I used that free time to not just watch Charles in Charge but to watch the complete run of the series multiple times! Oh, and I definitely remember thinking the Charles in Charge girls were hot as a youngster watching the show. Not sure why they stick out in my mind as hotter than most sitcoms girls of the time, but they definitely do.

    Psycho 4. Huh. Honestly I had always assumed that the Psycho sequels were utter garbage but now I’d love for them to be a Nightmare on Elmstreet series. What is the most OBSCURE horror franchise would you most like NoE to cover? (Obviously there are limits to how obscure something can be to have a franchise, but I feel that as far as obscure horror franchises go, Pscyho qualifies in that I don’t think it comes immediately to mind when people talk about horror franchises)
    2000 election. What are your personal memories of it? I’ll never forget watching the election on election night with my fraternity. It was the first time and last time I have ever live watched an election with a group of people and where some of those people strongly supported one candidate and some supported the other. That situation has never arisen since.

    Have you ever stopped watching someone, either permanently or temporarily, for a film you never even watched? Because Little Nicky is where Adam Sandler and I kind of parted ways. I loved Happy Gilmore, loved Billy Madison, and loved the Wedding Singer and was willing to watch anything he did after that. For about two films. When the commercials for Little Nicky came out I took one look at it and did not have the slightest interest in seeing him anymore. A feeling that stook around until I saw hm in Funny People in 2009 and was willing to watch his films again. An eight year break is a long time for not watching someone due to bad feelings towards a movie you never even saw, but that’s still what I did. Have you ever stopped watching someone, either permanently or temporarily, for a film you never even watched?

    Shenmue. Was this the game that invented “You can interact with your environment is soooooooooo many ways that has almost nothing to do with actually winning the game?”

    What switch to 3D killed your interest in a series? For me it was Escape from Monkey Island which was also the LAST LucarsArts Adventure game to ever be released. It did fine-ish but not well enough for the company to not cancel the Full Throttle sequel or the Sam and Max sequel. don’t know, the switch to 3D just never worked for me in terms of Adventure games.

    The Phantom tollbooth.1970. Chuck Jones. What is the best NON-DISNEY animated film from the 1970’s?

    CeeLo Green’s Fuck You song is THE perfect fuck you song that is literally saying fuck you. There had been plenty of other songs that implied fuck you, and I’m sure some lesser songs that were about fuck you before this song, but this is the first big song I recall all about saying fuck you to someone and I’m not sure there needs to be another one? It’s the fun happy fuck you that’s perfect for the whole family song!

    Rubber. What is the stupidest horror concept you have ever heard of?

    Unstoppable. Is this the best, “Die-Hard-On-a-Blank” film of the 2010’s?

    TBS Conan trailer. My Google fu was weak and I couldn’t find this. Anyone know where it is?

    Community Bottle episode. What is your favorite bottle episode of any show? Mine is the fly episode of Breaking Bad.

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