The End of Rescuers, Rocky, Rescue Rangers, Pee Wee, and Harry Potter and One of the Highest Grossing Comedies, Ya Filthy Animal

Nov. 13-19: An evil clown lurks on television, Arnold gets cloned, the Grinch goes big, Community gets conspiratorial, Elizabeth Banks breaks out of jail, Tom Green gets weird on SNL, Harry Potter hits the road, and Macaulay Culkin stars in a Christmas classic. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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4 thoughts on “The End of Rescuers, Rocky, Rescue Rangers, Pee Wee, and Harry Potter and One of the Highest Grossing Comedies, Ya Filthy Animal

  1. Chris mentioned an old article he wrote about Home Alone.
    I thought there would be a link here, but I don’t see it (it’s probably right in front of me but I’m not seeing it).
    Could you or Chris please post a link to the article?

  2. Rescuers Down Under. For those who really want to see what the hidden boobies looked like in the original cut of this film, they can be found here: Oh, don’t thank me and no I wouldn’t call myself a hero,it’s just that I do the things that a hero does.

    Rocky V. Huh. I was all set to hear the hosts trash this film but they kind of made me want to see it now as I really loved the “realism” of Rocky I and Rocky Balboa (and Creed!) and this sounds like it was more like those films but that 1990 audiences just didn’t want that.

    Home Alone. I have previously wrote that I don’t think I ever wanted to _be_ a fictional character as much as I wanted to be Marty McFly but now that I think about it Kevin comes close. As a fairly introverted kid I reveled in the sheer childhood debauchery that Kevin indulged in but those traps … oh damn those traps. If Trap Magazine was a real thing I would have totally begged my Mom to subscribe to it. And I’m pretty sure that I made a floor plan of my house with imaginary traps at the various crucial spots. The idea of a kid overcoming The Bad Guys with Rube Goldberg devices just sang to my childhood self. I played a couple of the Home Alone video games hoping to relive the thrill but none of them really seemed to manage it. Of course, kid me never thought in these terms…

    What was your favorite, “There is a secret world of small creatures using everyday objects that are huge for them?” TV or film or comic ?
    Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers ends. I tried to get my kids to watch the original Disney Afternoon when they were younger and the only one that really drew them in and interested them was Rescue Rangers. That was a bit surprising but I think “Kids Like The Small World” is a pretty timeless appeal.

    Peewees Playhouse “playhouse for sale”. Huh. Sounds like they went for a “you can interpret this an ending if you want, but these characters lives are going to go on pretty much how they have been going on.” The only other ending like that I can recall is Cheers. Any other TV shows have a “things just go on” ending?

    It (The 1990 TV Miniseries) – I didn’t watch it live. I ended up discovering Stephen King in 1993 with Nightmares and Dreamscapes. Before then I was aware of him vaguely but I have never read a single book or short story of his until then, but I devoured N&D and wanted more. So I decided I wanted to find out what Stephen King’s best works were. BUT. This was 1993. I had never even heard of the internet. How was I supposed to find out his best work? MICROFICHE! Yep, I have a very distinct memory of going to the library and reading a bunch of clippings on Stephen King via microfiche. In one of those clippings I must have read that The Stand and It were both contenders for his best work. I started with IT and it was by far, the longest book I had ever attempted to read at that point. And I read, and I read, and I read and I read until I finished the whole thing. I loved the experience and I thenI discovered there was a TV miniseries based on the book and I got that, on LaserDisc, and watched it again and again. Then I re-read the book again and … all the character images I had built up in my mind were completely erased and replaced with the actors from the IT TV series. I remember it as the first time that happening and being, not sad, but a bit flumixted and confused about how my brain could no longer even recall what I had thought the characters looked like and all I had were images that someone else provided for me.

    6th Day. To me this is the last film which was marketed with Arnold Schwarzenegger being ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER! Yes, Arnold has been in films since then that have tried to be huge blockbusters but most of them play more on nostalgia for his past films rather than “You want to see the biggest star on the planet don’t you? Well we have Arnold!”

    Hells angels. 1930 aviator film

    Morocco. Marlene Dietrich

    “We R Who We R”. Whenever I hear a Kesha song, I can’t help but thinking of this song I heard about a girl who is doing the whole Kesha “party because I’m going to die young” and then she gets a phone call about how her medical test is positive and she’s going to die. And then the song continues with her actually getting very sick. Unfortunately my google-fu is weak and I can’t find it. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

    Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives. Despite having been to Thailand I just realized I’ve never seen a Thai film in my life. Besides this one, anyone see any good Thai films?

    Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows part one. This film really does answer the question, “What if Ingram Bergman directed Harry Potter?” Because I honestly have not seen so many shots of people being sad and alone in a desolate depressing wilderness since the last Bergman film I watched. It is by far the most the most “adult” of the Potter films but my children (8 and 10) still really enjoyed it. We watched it for the first time last night and I hadn’t seen it since I saw it in theaters ten years ago. It’s funny because when I saw it on release my daughter was only two months old and distinctly remember thinking, “Someday I’m going to watch this with her. I wonder what she’ll think of it?” And she is the HUGEST Harry Potter fan, but overwhelmingly of the audio books. We read the first three or four of them to her ourselves but it eventually got to the point where she just wanted more than we or her could read so we got all the audio books on Amazon echo. And every night for the last two years she listens to one of the books. She has them all practically memorized at this point but what has shocked me is that she never wants to re-watch the films. The audio books she can listen to again and again but she just has no internet whatsoever in watching ANY film or TV show a second time. My son is the same way too and I wonder if that’s just the streaming generation.

    Community. Conspiracy.

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