Nostalgic Games About Game Nostalgia – Vidjagame Apocalypse 395

With Ready Player Two published this week, we’ve decided to turn the nostalgia dial up to absurd levels by recruiting Greg Moore for a look at five videogames that, one way or another, were about nostalgia for videogames. Then it’s on to some chat about Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, the holiday console-scalping epidemic, cloud gaming, and the open worlds you’d love to revisit.

Question of the Week: If you had to spend eternity inside one game, which one would it be?


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5 thoughts on “Nostalgic Games About Game Nostalgia – Vidjagame Apocalypse 395

  1. This may well be a case of the new and shiny being favoured over other titles, but I have to say no game quite makes me want to spend eternity in death quite like Hades.

    From the constantly new conversations from the various gods and their passions, wits, and petty little private agendas I really have fallen for the lot of them quite unlike any other NPCs in any game I’ve ever played.

    The huge, lovable extended cast coupled with the constant evolutions to the halls of hades and its oddly compulsive business administration, I’ve found my home away from home.

    Finally when the almost infinitely large combination of weapons, upgrades and heat challenges have begun to bore me, ill spend the my twilight years before the end of time just annoying the piss out of Theseus by using my ghostly powers to sabotage every fight, just to see that smug, shit eating grin of his crumble into frustration as he loses in battle over and over and over again.

    That guy is a dick

  2. Question of the Week: If I could spend an eternity in a video game, I would probably choose Skyrim. It has a large world and lots of different and interesting characters. Also, you can roll cheese wheels down mountains and steal anything that isn’t nailed down. And mods.

  3. QOTW: I would live in every version of Tetris ever, and I’d spend my time waiting until it was ONE PIECE TOO LATE to give you the long block, just because I’m a massive asshole.

  4. Without question, I would spend the rest of eternity flying around the world in Microsoft Flight Simulator. You get the feeling of flying in the sky and can see amazing sights for the rest of time.

    Also, even though it wasn’t asked, the worst world for me would be to live in a Tetris world where I would be forced to watch others playing Tetris, and always being pissed off that they made different moves than I would have made.

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