Pac-Man 1982 – Episode 031

Our Pac-xploration continues as we talk about the remaining Pac-Man games of 1982: Pac-Man Plus, Super Pac-Man, and Baby Pac-Man. Bally and Midway get into “quantity over quality”, Namco follows up Puck-Man with their first official sequel, and pinball (which inspired Pac-Man) becomes part of the Pac-family. We also get the story of Baby Pac-Man’s development straight from the designer himself! Exactly how does Pac-Man’s anatomy work? Why did Midway release an expansion to Pac-Man just a month after releasing Ms. Pac-Man? What is Pac-Man’s darkest timeline? That plus the origins of the Pac-children, Mortal Kombat jazz designs, and an important message about butt health.


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