Captain America’s First Movie, Narnia Closes its Doors, and A Very Community Christmas

Dec. 4-10: Charlie Sheen vs. Dirty Harry, Tom Hanks is in the five-timers club, we are disappointed by dungeons and also dragons, Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe are scandalous, Japan shows us how the Hunger Games are done, Johnny Depp makes Venice boring, and we try to jump Springfield Gorge. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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2 thoughts on “Captain America’s First Movie, Narnia Closes its Doors, and A Very Community Christmas

  1. What is a media you really wanted to like but turned off within a few minutes. For me it was the original 1990 captain America. I rented it when I was desperately seeking out all the Marvel Media I could get, no matter how obscure. I got the Dr. Strange TV movie. The Trial of the Incredible Hulk. Pryde of the X-Men. And …. this. And despite loving Captain America and being 13 years old, I still couldn’t watch more than maybe 10 or 15 minutes of it.

    The Rookie definitely sounds like a spiritual sequel to the Dirty Harry films., something I’m not sure 1990 really needed? In your opinion, what’s the most unnecessary spiritual sequel ever made?

    Do the Bartman. So as mentioned Mulhouse has the wrong colored hair and this was done before much of The Simpsons had been fully canonized. What else seems “off” in this video?

    I did not get that Tom Hanks joining The Five Timer’s Club on SNL was a joke in 1990. Like, I thought they actually had a club like that. What SNL joke did you not realize was a joke?

    Skimming through Dreamer of Oz, I’m surprised how much from it I remember despite not having watched it in 30 years. What TV movie that you only watched once has stayed with you the most?

    Simpsons Sing the Blues. What is the most melancholy song on this album?

    Dungeons and Dragons has a big structural problem in adaptations it to film; namely what about it hasn’t been seen many many fantasy films before it? D&D is a fantastic experience to play and I’ll always go to bat for the game, but by design it was meant to be a rip off or homage of the most fun aspects of the fantasy that had come before it. It was “play out the cliches you love” the game! (This isn’t meant to be an insult, Garry more or less said “These are the things I’m stealing from” when he put up Appendix N ). So any faithful adaption of D&D is going to seem like Generic Fantasy Setting #3452. John Carter (of Mars) had this similar problem in that the original pulp stories were so fresh and new when they came out that people stole from them for a 100 years and when the stories were finally adapted everything that made the original property fresh was stale. Same-same with any D&D adaptation, I think. That being said I think this film is a fun bad movie wotch and mock with any group of fantasy geeks. Me and my friends in the year 2000 were sad we never got to mock, “Dungeons and Dragons 2: The search for Snails.” SNAILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLS!

    I’d definitely think Meg Ryan’s career got hurt primarily because she was America’s sweetheart. I think Angelina Jolie had the vibe of “I’m so hot I will absolutely steal your man,” so didn’t really take a career hit from a similar scandal.

    Tv Funhouse was the first show I experienced exclusively on the internet. I never saw it on Comedy Central but only on a “take 8 hours to download this five minute clip” basis. But man will I always have a soft spot in my heart for Tity, the Titantic Musical or The Disney Vault or The Ambiguously Gay Duo. What was the first TV show you experienced exclusively on the internet?

    Battle Royale. I definitely heard about it in the sense of “Did you know there is this Japanese film that THEY won’t let us watch?” And I think it’s the last time I really thought a film was being “kept” from me as opposed to it just not being profitable for someone to make money by getting me and people like me to give them my money to watch it.

    American McGee’s Alice. I’ve never been clear on how American McGee managed to get his name on the title. He didn’t seem to be famous before the game, or famous after the game. I’m kind of thinking it wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t have such a strange name?

    Gimme Shelter. Does anyone recommend this film given that I don’t have much interest in The Rolling Stones?

    Flash Gordon 1980. I watched it for the first time a few months ago so I have ZERO nostalgia for the film and … wow. That was a crazy ass film. I’m really looking forward to social distancing ending and watching bad films while drinking with my friends because that’s the only way I think Flash is enjoyable. When social distancing ends, what is a bad movie you most want to watch with friends?

    Titus. What is your favorite “strange” adaptation of Shakespeare’s? Mine was a version of Romeo and Juliet in Ashland, OR where all the adults wore period clothes and all the kids wore modern clothes. It allowed me to see the generational dynamics of the play that I had been completely oblivious to.

    Chronicles of Narnia. Voyage of the Dawn Trader. Is this another one of those series that Disney probably would have continued if it hadn’t bought Marvel and then Star Wars?

    Making of community Christmas

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