2020’s Best Remakes – Vidjagame Apocalypse 398

2020 has been a terrible year for most things, but a stellar year for games, including a smattering of remakes that took a fresh look at old favorites. As we lead up to our big year-end show on the best games of 2020, we’ve grabbed PNB‘s TL Foster and given five amazing remakes that didn’t fit in our top 10 their own show. Then it’s on to plenty of Cyberpunk 2077 chatter, a few announcements and anointments from The Game Awards, and your preferences vis-a-vis dark or light futures.

Question of the Week: Do you usually wait for games to work out all the bugs before playing, or do you prefer to play them right at launch?


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8 thoughts on “2020’s Best Remakes – Vidjagame Apocalypse 398

  1. Do you usually wait for games to work out all the bugs before playing, or do you prefer to play them right at launch?

    Not only do I wait for the bugs to be worked out I also wait until the price is worked out – usually 2-3 years
    I’m cheap ^_^

    With that said have a safe holidays guys/gals. Love ya!

  2. QotW: due to my usually huge backlog, I often don’t play some of the bigger, generally bug ridden new releases til a few months later (often after they go on sale.). Spoilers don’t bother me so I don’t get FOMO for having the new shiny AAA game day one.

  3. QotW: For me, most of the time I try to get my games on/around launch so I can avoid spoilers and/or get into it as soon as possible, but for some games (like Fallout 4 and Mass Effect Andromeda) when it’s obvious it’s going to be a bit of a mess when it launches I’ll hold off for a bit. Luckily for me, that doesn’t happen very often.

  4. I usually wait a year or so to buy a new AAA game unless the game really speaks to me. Partly because I want the kinks to get worked out post-launch, but also because I like picking games up during sales (looking at you, Ubisoft). But once a year I’ll get a game on launch day like I did with Cyberpunk 2077. Luckily for me though, I picked it up on PC and have encountered only a handful of bugs, none of them game-breaking.

    Also, just to throw in my two cents, I think as gamers we put too much emphasis on performance when discussing games. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an important part of the experience (this is coming from a guy who played Skyrim on PS3), but I do feel like it tends to overshadow more interesting conversations to be had, particularly in regards to Cyberpunk. The devs at CDPR created a sci-fi world unlike any I’ve seen in a game, with characters and situations that are ripe for discussion. Even the bad stuff, like the horrible development crunch and the stomach-turning depictions of sex and violence, deserve to be talked about more than the performance of the game at launch, which we all know will be fixed somewhere down the line, hopefully after the devs get a much needed holiday break.

    Love the show guys and I hope you enjoy the holidays!

    1. Welp, it only took a few days for me to be proven wrong-ish. I still stand by the idea of poor performance =/= bad game. But it looks like Cyberpunk is gonna have a tough time convincing people with broken games that the experience is worth more than a refund.

  5. QotW: It really depends on the game, I try to be a savvy consumer as much as possible, but some games are best experienced at launch. Being an older gamer means two things: 1. I was conditioned to keep multiple save files long ago, so I almost never lose progress. 2. I take games way less seriously than I used to. With Cyberpunk I had a major character’s death “ruined” because a gun was clipping through his forehead. Personally I get way more enjoyment out of these random glitches than what is often a pretty ham fisted attempt at an emotional scene.

  6. I generally wait for patches if its something I really want to play. I’m a patient man so I can always work through my backlog in the meantime. I normally wait a few days after launch to see how new games fare in the wild. If it appears to have a lot of bugs and glitches I normally wait a few months and give the developers time to smooth them out. I don’t mind random glitches that involve npcs doing strange things or textures loading in slow, but anything that causes me to loose hours of progress I shy away from. As someone who has a limited time to sit down and enjoy a game due to work and family commitments, losing several hours of gameplay because of a corrupted saves ect. can be very devastating.

  7. Do you usually wait for games to work out all the bugs before playing, or do you prefer to play them right at launch?

    I’m a notoriously slooooow and late player, so let’s just say I wait until the bugs are worked out and then some… On that note; can’t wait to start Doom 2016 this weekend!

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