Jennifer Lopez Has a Plan, James Franco Loses a Hand, MTV Takes Over the Super Bowl, and Two Dead Spaces

Jan. 22-28: Anjelica Huston is grifting, Kuwait is on fire, a crazy story of bad dogs, Whitney Houston rocks the anthem, Oliver Reed has a drink, bank-robbing cheerleaders, Macbeth vs. McDonald’s, major bummers with Ryan Gosling and Nicole Kidman, and Kyle McLachlan is the best mayor. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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2 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Has a Plan, James Franco Loses a Hand, MTV Takes Over the Super Bowl, and Two Dead Spaces

  1. I loved Sara’s comments about Seinfeld. Yeah, Jerry and George are the schlubs with careers while the girlfriend, an annoying cashier, is too good for them simply for being more attractive. The irony is wonderful.

  2. Dead Space is available for free on YouTube because no one cares about it. What is a good movie you like that is free on YouTube right now?

    Whitney Houston national anthem.

    Davis Rules. What is the best TV show that jumped networks?

    Oliver Reed has a lot of hits when you search for his name and “drunk” on YouTube. Also, I’ve been meaning to watch a double feature of Three Musketeers and Four Musketeers for a while now because they were both written by one of my favorite authors, George MacDonald Fraser. I should really get around to that.

    Seinfeld on keeping books as trophies: I am in the midst of moving but I definitely have a huge collection of book trophies (books I will never re-read but that I am keeping anyways). Post a picture of your book trophies!

    What show did the hosts say was like a modern day Seinfeld but with a mystery each week. Are there some other modern day Seinfeld-ish shows?

    TV’s Funhouse the series only ran for 8 episodes? I’m shocked. That sucker was on Comedy Central so much that I would have sworn it was on longer.

    Marylin Monroe’s last film, The Misfits, sounds really intriguing as it would have been fascinating to see her age into various roles as her acting improved with the decades. I knew she died young, but 36 seems so young to die to me as an early 40-something but I was flat out shocked to see that I have now outlived Elvis Presley. Who are you surprised that you outlived?

    Blue Valentine. What is the most fantastic film you will never watch again?

    127 hours. OK, the hosts convinced me to watch this. How often do the hosts convince you to watch something?

    Portlandia. Everyone I knew in Portland loved this show and quoted numerous bits from it (the couple wanting to meet the chicken they were about to eat being a favorite). What is the most regionally beloved national show for you?

    Scott Glen. Did you know who this person was based on the birthday quiz questions?

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