Strangers On A Train – Vidjagame Apocalypse 404

Train levels are a well-worn trope by this point; start at the caboose and fight your way up to the engine, all in a linear, narrow environment that allows for some variety as you move from car to car. As frequently as we’ve seen these, some are a lot more memorable than others, and a few even do something unique with the idea. So let’s look at five of our favorites this week, after which we’ll look at Cyber Shadow, try to understand the GameStop stock situation (as of Wednesday), and talk about your favorite everyday items to use as weapons in games.

Question of the Week: Now that Tomb Raider’s getting one, what’s the next videogame series that deserves the anime treatment?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Strangers on a Train by Lovage.


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5 thoughts on “Strangers On A Train – Vidjagame Apocalypse 404

  1. QotW: I would like to see a well done anime of Earthbound / Mother. If Pokemon can get one, Earthbound can too, damnit. It has it all…adventure, sci-fi, drama, scares…just picture it. We’d start with EB Beginnings then end with Mother 3 (and if you know how it ends, that’s one fucking epic anime ending right there).

  2. Kingdom mother effing Hearts – I would eat that up.
    That would last forever and be so over the top.
    I want every over-exaggerated “gasp* (chris do you thing) and i want every awkward scene played out.
    I want Donald Duck to not give a shit anymore with his voice acting as well.

  3. QotW: Mario would be my answer though with a twist. After reading the recently released best of collection put out by Viz, I would be interested to see an anime adaptation of the Super Mario-kun gag manga. It also (tries) to make a continuous story out of the games too and it would be interesting to see how that would translate.

  4. QOTW: Katamari Damacy. Ideally, it would be a lavishly animated limited series or feature film of loosely connected music videos set to the OST of the first game. Something akin to Yellow Submarine but as wacky and Japanese as possible. I would smoke so much weed and watch that shit bro.

    also MGS

  5. QOTW: NBA Jam
    I was just gonna leave NBA Jam as an answer with no explanation – but the more i thought about it the more it appealed to me. Anyone who’s watched The Last Dance or any NBA 30 for 30 will know how ripe basketball can be for drama and long-form storytelling.

    With NBA Jam being set in the mid-90s and 2 -side too, the anime could be full of dynamic duos like Jordan/Pippen, Stockton/Malone, Shaq/Penny, Kemp/Payton etc, not to mention the bonus characters like Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince and Clinton & Gore. Naturally the OTT moves that would lend themselves to anime too.

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