More Hannibal the Cannibal, Big Momma 3, John Goodman is the King of England, and Some Troopers that are Super

Feb. 12-18: Dan Aykroyd causes Nothing But Trouble, Baby Jane is still happening, Roseanne kills on SNL, we say goodbye to The Intimidator, Keanu and Charlize have a month, Chris Rock is a white guy, Debbie Reynolds and Liz Taylor face off at last, Number Four isn’t number one, Liam Neeson is frantic, and Michael Scarn takes us to Threat Level Midnight. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.

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3 thoughts on “More Hannibal the Cannibal, Big Momma 3, John Goodman is the King of England, and Some Troopers that are Super

  1. The Song of the Year Grammy is a songwriting award. The Record of the Year is for performance – as in, it is awarded to an artist or band. In 1999, they started awarding it to the artist and some behind the scenes.
    In those cases where an artist writes their own music, they have the potential to win both. For example, U2 won both trophies for “Beautiful Day” (as well as the award for Best Rock Performance for the same song).

  2. First, I want to be clear: I’m not angry, but I am disappointed. Silence of the Lambs is a movie that is brilliantly shot, acted, etc. And those aspects deserve all the praise you heaped on it. It’s also transphobic movie and I was disappointed in how that was brushed off.

    The parts of the film with Hannibal and/or Clarice are brilliant. But Buffalo Bill reinforces the narrative of trans women being dangerous predators who appropriate women’s bodies.
    I know there are plenty of lines making it clear Buffalo Bill isn’t trans and he absolutely isn’t. But the crossdressing serial killer stereotype is used by people like Focus on the Family and J.K. Rowling to justify trying to restrict the rights of trans preople with things like “bathroom bills.”

    Buffalo Bill could have been any type of serial killer. The story of Clarice and Hannibal would have been the same. But the book’s author and then filmmakers chose to have him be a stereotype commonly used against a minority group.

  3. What fictional adult character do you think has the most childish indulgences?
    I too really wanted to see King Ralph and I think that’s because of the childish wish fulfillment nature of it. Ralph is a child like character in many ways; when he becomes King of a major industrial power his fantasy isn’t to bed beautiful starlets it’s to have a great bowling alley. And 30 years later it’s those instances of childish indulgence, like playing darts with giant javelins, that really stick with me despite not having seen it since it was in theaters.

    Silence of the Lambs. Which female film characters deal with their trauma in the most constructive manner?

    I really want to see a period film set in 1991 where a guy gets his girlfriend a basket of expensive lotions on Valentine’s Day and then he goes to watch Silence of the Lambs with her while knowing nothing of the film.

    It Happened One Night (1934), One Flew Over the Cookooo’s Nest (1975), and Silence of the Lambs (1991) are the only three films to ever win the big five:

    What other horror movies have been nominated for best picture?

    Scully was modeled on Clairese? I feel stupid for not realizing that until now. Is there a single post-1991 female FBI agent who doesn’t have some of Clairese’s DNA?

    Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (the TV movie Remake). What is the best TV remake of a motion picture of all time?

    “She gave me several options.” Is there a specific name for the comedy trope where someone is saying something that is literally true but in such a way that it completely misleads what actually happened?

    Harder Better Faster Stronger. What song has been on your workout playlist for the most amount of time?

    Which character is the best “gay best friend” in film history? Sweet November.

    Down to Earth (Chris Rock as a white guy). Has there ever been a truly good “race-swap” film?

    Super Troopers. Huh. The only film of Broken Lizard’s I have ever watched is “Club Dread” (basically what if a slasher film happened on Jimmy Buffett’s private party island) which appears to be their least successful film. What artist or series have you only experienced the least successful version of?

    1931 Dracula. After watching Frankenstein and Bride of Frank on Halloween I was kind of looking forward to this but now it sounds like homework.

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