Corrupted Fighters – Vidjagame Apocalypse 406

Abrupt heel-turns are always fun, especially in fighting games where a goody-two-shoes hero gives in to the Dark Power within and becomes a corrupted, evil version of themselves (usually with cooler moves). This week, we welcome Anthony Abatte to help us take a look at five fallen heroes of fighting games, after which we’ll talk about Little Nightmares 2, casting HBO’s The Last of Us, listen to some reconstructed Mario tunes, and hear about your parents’ attitudes toward your gaming.

Question of the Week: If you could create an evil version of any videogame character, who would it be and why?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is My Evil Twin by They Might Be Giants.


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5 thoughts on “Corrupted Fighters – Vidjagame Apocalypse 406

  1. QOTW: For some reason the worst thing I could think of is an evil pallet swap of Max from Life is Strange. Imagine somebody given the power to manipulate time and thus every situation they find themself in and everybody they talk to. Now imagine that person is a teenager. I can’t think of many worse candidates to give the power to break time and reality itself. Unlike that craggy Grimace named Thanos Max abuses the ability to rewind time immediately and often. She uses a superpower that can cause reality to tear itself in twain to drop buckets of paint on her bullies, get the names of skateboard tricks right and take longer naps.

    I don’t know, maybe I just want to see a version of that scene where hundreds of birds start slamming into the school’s windows in a shower of blood and feathers where the main character just goes “cool man” like an evil Bart Simpson.

  2. Keeping with the Mario theme, id actually like to see and evil Luigi. Mario has always come across as more of a blank slate, too generic a good guy to really do anything with as a villain. In his solo games, and even in some of the platformers, Luigi has always had loads more personality, and much more to tinker with when it comes to making corrupt.

    I also think that even if he were evil, he’d also still be just as cowardly and self-interested as he appears in the mansion series, so would never do anything that might actually get him into trouble, so would resort to the pettiest little tortures he could imagine as his only outlet for the dark cloud of impotent rage that toils away in his massive head.

    Afraid of any punishment, he’d resort to mailing boxes of Koopa shit to Mario, having rehearsed his looks of fake shock and horror in the mirror for weeks before. He’d practice his sympathetic support as he gets dressed in the morning, knowing that Princess Daisy would come crying to him that she received another phone call at 3 in the morning which consisted of nothing but ‘someone’ screaming “Big cock!” down the line before hanging up.

    Only Toad has seen this monsters real face… but not every day. He can only ‘fall down thr stairs’ so many times before Peach would start to ask questions

  3. QOTW: I would create an evil version of Phoenix Wright. Now, you do go up against some pretty evil attorneys in that series, but what would make Phoenix Wrong (TM) such an appealing character is that you would have to play as him by attempting to frame innocent people, rather than exonerate them.

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