Genre-Switching Sequels – Vidjagame Apocalypse 407

With Persona 5 Strikers – the Dynasty Warriors-flavored sequel to the original P5 RPG – out this week, we’re joined by special guest Emmett Watkins of VGU.TV for a look at five sequels that switched to a new genre, forever changing the trajectory of their series. Then we’ll dig into to Bowser’s Fury, get stomped in Valheim, go through the Nintendo Direct news with a fine-toothed comb, and discuss the characters you’d want to see turn evil.

Question of the Week: What’s a series that you’d want to see switch to a new genre, and what would you change it to?


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5 thoughts on “Genre-Switching Sequels – Vidjagame Apocalypse 407

  1. A long time ago when i had a website and reviewed stuff – i would write top ten games I want announced.
    One of those games was a game I made up called “Mario Paint Ops”.
    A first-person ( since COD was big at the time) Mario game where instead of bullets you had paintballs.
    Of course you can play local and online multiplayer and it’s basically COD for babbies.
    Then Splatoon came out which used paint.
    I’m pretty sure Nintendo owes me a check.

  2. QotW: I want a new Yoshi’s Island that is done as a third person shooter. Targeting enemies with eggs in an over the shoulder manner would be a neat mechanic. Also platforming will work better in that style than if it was an FPS instead.

    1. Probablybdoing a really bad job of explaining this, but what id like to see is something combining the feel of the sleeping dogs open world retelling of the theb treetfighter series.

      Taking it as read that the main plot is ‘fighting tournament going on, everyone gets together to have a bit of a rumble’ but you’re fighting your way up the ranks, with specific story beats culminating in a one on one fight with one of the named characters from the series. The rest of the time you’re fighting mooks and every day guys who would generally not give you too much of a challenge to help solidify the feeling that these world champions are truly exceptional fighters.

      You’d also be able to fill in side quests in your down time, flesh out some of these larger than life characters and relationships and explore what I’d imagine is something close to the island from Enter the Dragon, maybe even being able to drive around or take some kind of transport… unless you’re Ryu, because hes some kind of stoic fucking douchebag who would walk everywhere. Goddamn that man shits me something rotten. Yes, I’ve been drinking its Saturday fucking night, get off my back.

  3. QotW: I really want to see a Castlevania Souls-like.

    Castlevania has had such a rough time making 3D work. And I really feel that something like Bloodborne would be a fit in terms of gameplay, tone, and large interconnected Metrovania-style world.

  4. QotW: I wonder if Gauntlet would work as an co-op third person action game with roguelike elements. Let the Barbarian and Valkyrie have different variants on Batman combat, give the Elven Archer class the ability to wall run and teleport around and let the Wizard do some Magika shit. I feel like the last time something like that was attempted was with 2013’s failed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows tie-in game. Now WB is putting out two different multiplayer games like that, why not a third?

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