Nic Cage Drives Angry, Homer has a Brother, and Monkeybone is the Weirdest Movie Ever Made

Feb. 19-25: Charlie Sheen has tiger blood, Woody Allen is trapped in a mall, Kurt Russell is Elvis AGAIN, Kevin Bacon is in the he said she said bullshit, Elton John has an unlikely duet, Disney makes travel in California pointless, Judy Davis is Judy Garland, Owen Wilson gets a Hall Pass, Hilary Swank gets stalked, and Will Farrell and Rachel Dratch are lovers. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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2 thoughts on “Nic Cage Drives Angry, Homer has a Brother, and Monkeybone is the Weirdest Movie Ever Made

  1. Scenes from a Mall. What are some good films which primarily takes place in a mall?

    He Said She Said. I watched this for the first time last year with my wife who had fond memories of it and what we really noticed, other than the memory of the ex-girlfriend’s boob falling out, is how different films from 30 years ago fee compared to today. Crazy to think that the medium could advance in thirty years huh? But for some reason I still think of “The Nineties” as “roughly 10 years ago” so when there is large and significant changes since then I am still surprised. In my mind, Today, the Nineties were ten years ago, ten years ago the Nineties were ten years ago, and twenty years ago the Nineties were ten years ago. Thus shall it ever be.

    The Simpsons have some really iconic cars over the decades, almost all of which are super fun to drive in The Simpsons Hit and Run (still by far the best Simpsons game ever made). What’s your favorite car on the Simpsons?

    Adventures of Gummy Bears ends… with an actual ending!!! Wow, as the hosts mention that was virtually unheard of for 80’s cartoons. I was a huge huge Gummy Bears fan when it first premiered. I had no idea it had an actual ending though. I guess I must have fallen off watching it by the time that it aired aired. I mean I starting watching it when I was just barely 7 and it stopped when I was 12 and a half and that is a big period for changing tastes. Time to give it a look-see…
    OK, just watched the last episode on Disney plus. I guess I watched the last episode aired, not the last episode produced though. Oh well. Don’t have time to watch the real “ending” to the show just now but maybe some other time. But it’s interesting to me that I think this cartoon is still watchable. It’s not an amazing cartoon by 2021 standards, but I think it is literally the only cartoon that premiered in 1985 that is watchable today. Would you voluntarily watch any of these today?

    And the Sea Will Tell. For the record, you can totally charge someone with murder even if you don’t have a body:

    Have you ever been to Disney’s California Adventure?

    Before Night Falls. I actually attended Havana University for a bit and the most shocking thing I learned was that there were -some- Cubans purposefully injecting themselves with AIDS as a form of protest. That was a long time ago now so they are pretty much all dead now:

    I watched Monkey Bone for the first time a few days ago. Here are my notes:
    I only give it a 50% chance that I knew this movie existed before 30 2010. So I have zero nostalgia and I’m gonna watch it for the first time now because of the host. I’m not expecting a good movie but I am expecting an interesting movie
    What other films are there where no other film is like it?
    Anyone ever read the comic Dark Town?
    The opening pilot cartoon is very Try Hard.
    “ it’s a lot of money. The type of money that can buy happiness“
    $100 million movie that made less than 10 mill. Ouch.
    The sinking into the hospital gurney is an amazing shot
    “ wait please! I’d like to know if I am dead.” Solid line.
    Brandon Fraser‘s acting against the monkey isn’t as good as Bob Hopkins acting in Roger Rabbit. Come to think of it I think Roger Rabbit despite being 30 years old, has better acting against nothing than any other film I can think of. I wonder why
    Megan Mullally is perfectly cast in this
    The melting visual after they cut the cord is so creepy
    The special effects are still very effective because very few of them appear to be CGI which would’ve looked god-awful in 2001 for the most part
    Why is Calypso music such a good fit for the afterlife?
    At this point in the movie I think the audience is supposed to think that this is completely just a coma and is not actually a real place
    Oh wow that’s some creepy body horror.
    The monkey betraying pretending Fraser is a solid plot twist
    But watching it play out I think it was making the movie too many different movies to have that happen
    Dogs always know that a person is possessed
    Stephen king is getting lumped in with a bunch of murderers…
    Yeah… Really not digging the parts where Brandon Fraser is possessed by monkey Bone in the real world
    Yeah… The executives happily rubbing their asses is just stupid
    I don’t get the tone of this movie. Or more accurately the movie doesn’t get it’s own tone. The doctors responding to a corpse waking up mid organ donation is just too unconnected to how humans behave to be enjoyable
    Not even Bob Odenkirk can sell me on these doctors
    This … this is so poorly written.
    The incredibly rich benefactors of a museum are going nutszo crazy to get their hands on some cheap plastic toys
    South Park reference. I’m sure no one making this film ever thought it would still be on the air 20 years later
    Final thought: Ehhhhhh? It’s a Phantom Menace film. The visuals are cool but the plot and dialogue is so bad that it doesn’t make up for the cool visuals.

    Three Thousand Miles to Graceland. I don’t think this could be made today. Too many Elvis fans have died and not been replaced by new Elvis fans over the last twenty years to have “Elvis Impersonation” be a big draw.

    Have you ever met the SNL Hot Tub Couple.? I moved to Japan in summer of 2001 and got completely off of SNL for a few years so I had ZERO idea this was a recurring sketch until the hosts mentioned it. At the time I remember just laughing at the craziness of the couple but the sketch stuck in my brain very well despite only having seen it once twenty years ago, because like the hosts I HAVE MET THESE PEOPLE in the decades that followed.

    Life With Judy Garland appears to be free on YouTube in all it’s glorious 480p glory;

    1971. Get Carter. This has been on my watchlist for forever… free on HBO…. but moving… argh…..

    Charlie Sheen tiger blood. I recall being more than a little appalled at us as a society when this happened. I probably wasn’t paying much attention to celebrities before this went down to notice the cases before, but I felt like the internet gave such a constant stream of fresh new craziness from Charlie Sheen that it felt that everyone was kind of egging him on to keep going crazier until he killed himself. I hadn’t really ever seen that before honestly and felt that it was leading us down a dark path. Did get a dope ass song out of it though;

    Denise Richards on sharing kids with Charlie Sheen

    Hall Pass. What I remember from this film is that NOBODY used the internet to find sex. Even in 2011 that was an odd omission that made me think the writers might be a tad out of touch.

    30 Rock. TGS hates women. I’m an idiot because I didn’t realize this was a thinly veiled Sarah Silverman until now: Granted I’ve never actually seen her show but I was aware of her through nerd osmosis

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