Jump In My Car – Vidjagame Apocalypse 409

If you haven’t commandeered a car by jumping to it from your own speeding whip, can you really be said to have commandeered it at all? This week, we celebrate five games that let us accomplish the impossibly awesome feat of launching from one high-speed car to another, fluidly booting out the driver, and taking control. Then it’s on to Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins Resurrection, Switch Pro rumors, Sony’s State of Play, and the games that helped you through a year of lockdowns.

Question of the Week: What’s a common thing from vidjagames you’ve always wanted to try in real life, but know you probably shouldn’t?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Jump In My Car by David Hasselhoff.


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4 thoughts on “Jump In My Car – Vidjagame Apocalypse 409

  1. QOTW: To Chris’ point about trying to do a double jump in real life when I was a kid I was actually able to do a full on 360 Tornado Kick because I saw it in Double Dragon and kept trying it until I landed one. I was able to do it for a short time until one day I was showing somebody and landed on my ass. I’m not sure if I caused some sort of equilibrium altering damage to my tailbone or if it was just the harsh psychological effect of my own human limitation crashing right into my ass but I was never able to do one again. Let this be a lesson to all of VGA’s grade school listeners, you may think you’re invincible but your legs are just too short to kickbox with God.

  2. I’ve been listening for years and the quality of the show is really declining thanks solely to Chris Antista. You guys need to get a leash on that loud-mouthed idiot or replace him with someone who’s at least half as professional as Michael or Matty.

  3. QOTW: A bit like Matt, I would want to do extreme sports knowing I’d be completely safe. Riding my pedal bike down a hill through the woods is as close as I can ever get to a Star Wars speeder-bike scene…Unless I was free riding on my “motoX” dirt-bike! Picture flying through rugged terrain performing massive jumps at 70 mph, hitting a 40-foot jumps off a ledge and doing a back-flip. I wouldn’t have to worry because I’d have the best shocks in world! Either that or skip out on the gas and diesel all together and be able to run insanely fast! I’m ready to male Qanon stand for Quicksilver Anon, after the hype Marvel pulled. They knew what they were doing! XD

  4. QOTW: There are many ways to take this question, but since Michael initially shot from the hip with something taboo my answer also is a little risque. I am talking about the legendary practice of Puff-Puff from the Dragon Quest universe. I’m not saying I’m interested in transactional love, but the mystery surrounding this very Japanese joke has left me with so many questions. Is there a reading of the story of Puff-Puff from a legendary tome? Is there a Puff-Puff song and dance that goes into the ritual? Does it involve something inflatable that I must “Puff-Puff” into to complete the ritual? I guess what I’m getting at here is that Puff-Puff is all that stands between me and nirvana.

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