Old But Still Badass – Vidjagame Apocalypse 410

They may be gray and a little saggy, but there’s a certain kind of elderly man who, like a lobster, only ever seems to grow bigger and tougher with age. This week, we invite Greg Moore to help us pay tribute to five ancient-but-burly game characters who could still kick our asses, after which we’ll dig into Loop Hero, the Bethesda-Microsoft merger, TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, and the things from vidjagames you’d love to try in real life, but probably shouldn’t.

Question of the Week: In honor of Mar10, what are some of your fondest Mario memories?


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9 thoughts on “Old But Still Badass – Vidjagame Apocalypse 410

  1. QotW: one of my fondest Mario memories is beating Mario World before school (third grader at the time) at my friend’s house. He was having trouble and I took a swing at it and beat Bowser! It was a triumphant moment for me.

    1. QotW: Mario has always been near and dear to me. I have memories of playing mario bros for the NES with my dad on an old c.r.t that you had to hit to make work from time to time even to this day we talk about how bad we were ar it.
      When i was a bit older I received a gameboy pocket for christmas and the game that was bought to go with it was mario land 2, i played that game for hours and burned god knows how many batteries on it but it was the first game i ever beat i remember the moms spaghetti moment of facing down wario for the first time.
      The last big thing i can remember was my cousin getting the nintendo 64 for christmas and seeing mario 64 turned on for the first time and the amazment i felt seeing these 3d grapics, I whispered into my dads ear begging him for one of those, and we got one which lead me to jump around the yard making mario noises for longer than id probly care to admit

  2. My best Mar10 Day memory is my 7-year-old, Sean. He was born on Mar10 Day, otherwise known as his birthday, and dude is a huge Mario (and retro videogames) fan. His favorite game is Super Metroid; he’s played through all the 8- and 16-bit Mega Man games (along with X and Zero); he just finished Link’s Awakening; we play Arkanoid: D’oh It Again every weekend he is with me; and most of all, he loves Mario. So my sappy but legit answer to the QOTW is that watching him discover and play and love games that I played as a kid is the most rewarding thing to come out of Mar10 Day.

  3. QotW: For Christmas in 1996, my brother and were gifted a Nintendo 64 with Super Mario 64 from our parents (This was a time when you could actually buy new consoles the year they launched). This was basically our first videogame ever but neither of us really had the skill yet to get that far into the game so we mostly watched my dad play through the game. We watched every minute as my dad collected each star and beat every boss. I still remember the night watching my dad play through the final level and beating Bowser. I remember my dad saying how Nintendo should have a way to send you a t-shirt if you complete the game. To 7-year old me, this was an incredible feat of skill as none of my friends in school had completed the game yet. My dad never really played any video games thereafter except for the campaign of Halo: Combat Evolved.

    Fast-forward to 2020 and I now live half-way across the country. While my parents were visiting, I was playing Super Mario Odyssey. My dad noticed this and asked if he could play the game. It was awesome to see him enjoy a video game again especially for man now in his 60’s. During that week, my dad kept going back trying to collect every moon in the sand kingdom and asking me how to get to different areas of the game. It was heart-warming being able to connect with my dad over video games once again after all those years.

  4. QOTW: Mario got me my first girlfriend sort of. Way back when I was about 6 so like 1996 I lived in a somewhat rural area. My closest neighbor was a girl named Sarah. As a 6 year old boy I wasn’t really into girls yet, but I was into anything videogame related. Me and my mom were pretty broke so we never had a console at home, my only real time with games were an occasional extra quarter mom had on the Ms Pacman at the laundromat or a game kiosk at walmart. But Sarah had a SNES with sweet ass Super fucking Mario World. So we became friends quickly I spent every moment I could at her house playing Mario for a summer. She claimed me as her boyfriend and kissed me once I was grossed out. We ended up moving the next fall and I got a Sega Genesis. Still love Mario, and shout out to Sarah love you boo.

  5. QotW: My friend just got a copy of Super Mario 3, and we were determined to complete every level. I went to his house for a sleepover, but we were not able to complete the game on the first day. We left the game on pause overnight, and got to the middle of world 8 before I had to leave for home. I got to head back over to his house 2 weeks later, and to my surprise, he still had the game on pause waiting for us to finish it together.

  6. I have many fond memories of growing up playing the original Mario trilogy on our NES that came with our R.O.B. the robot. It was the go-go 80’s and my Dad was able to support our family of four by owning and operating a Hallmark store on our town’s main street. Life was pretty sweet in the middle class and we had a wopping TWO television sets, so as Marty McFly’s uncle said in 1955, “we must be rich!” Anyway the second one was black a black and white 13-inch Tube TV that lived at the card shop so we could take our NES from home to my dad’s business to play Super Mario 1 & 2 in glorious black & white while my parents minded the store. I’m sure they thought it was the best babysitter ever as we would dump hours in the break room passing the controller back and forth. Ah nostalgia….

  7. QOTW: There are so many ways to answer this , but I gotta give a shout out the game that introduced me to the medium. When I was six, my older brother handed me a controller like he had been doing for years, only this time it was actually plugged in. And the game I was suddwnly playing for the first time was none other than Super Mario World. It would go onto be my favorite SNES game and only the beginning of Mario fandom. I fell in love with video games nearly 20 years ago thanks to our blue collar, mustachioed deity.

  8. QotW: My grandparents had a SNES with 2 games, Dr. Mario and yoshi’s island. So every family gathering was met with good food, good family, and getting another taste of some sweet sweet vidjagames. Those will always be my most cherished memories but my personal favorite was one year my cousins were making a fuss about leaving, my 8 year old mind found this as a great opportunity to ask them “would you go home if you took Yoshi’s Island with you?” Through a curtain of tears and snot one of my cousins chocked out a meek “…yes” i then turned to my grandparents and told them that my cousins didn’t love them, they only loved their things, locking me in the #1 position for best grandchild of all time.

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