3DS Launch Stumbles – Vidjagame Apocalypse 413

The 3DS turned 10 this week, so let’s grab friend of the show Micah Seff and celebrate the revolutionary, unassailable, beloved powerhouse of a handheld… by looking back at five ways it nearly dropped the ball in its first few rocky, uncertain months. Then we’ll get deep into Monster Hunter Rise, Magic Legends, Ghost of Tsushima movie news, and your favorite un-emulatable games.

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite 3DS memory?


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9 thoughts on “3DS Launch Stumbles – Vidjagame Apocalypse 413

  1. One of my favorite 3DS memories is being what GameFAQs labeled as a Scambassador…basically getting the price cut and ambassador title/games legally (and not the bait and switch others supposedly did) because Wal*Mart decided to cut the price before it was supposed to. Gaming wise, completing Find Mii, Find Mii 2, & the haunted house games without using coins to buy players.

  2. My experience with Street Pass was awful.

    While living in Indiana, I would take my 3DS everywhere in hopes of having someones Mii pop up in my game. After 3 months of trying, I had only one connection.

    To make a long and uncomfortable story short, my 6 foot 8 inch intimidating neighbor is at my door, aggressively wondering why my 3DS was reaching out to his daughter.

    All I went well, but I gave up on street pass after that day.

  3. QOTW:
    The 3DS is still one of my favourite handhelds, and I still use mine regularly. I think I’ve bought one of almost every iteration of the console, from a Launch model 3DS, a 3DS XL, a Yoshi themed XL, a New 3DS XL, a wedge 2DS, and one of those exclusive Ambassador Edition New 3DS’s that were offered to certain Club Nintendo users in the UK (look them up- they’re very pretty!). Like many others will say, Streetpass is the MVP of the system- I especially liked the 3D puzzles, and I hate that I won’t be able to finish some of my collection due to meeting fewer 3DS players, and some of the tiles can only be filled via trading with other users.
    My highlights in the game library would have to be Mario 3D Land, Ocarina of time 3D, and the amazing Link Between worlds.
    It’s truly a system I think I’ll never part with- due in no small part because of Nintendo’s idiotic naming conventions- imagine the ball ache with Ebay when you try to list a “used New 3DS” 😉

  4. Great top 5! It was great to him them discuss the 3DS. I know he can’t do it anymore I miss Chris’ coverage of video games. He is amazing at it.

  5. My favorite 3DS memory was when I was handed one by a mother who had been pushed too far.

    I was walking into Target and this woman opened her car and I heard a kid screaming. This woman flagged me down and I stopped. She walked up to me and handed me a rose gold 3DS with a Mario Kart for the regular DS in it. She said, “My daughter doesn’t deserve this. You can have it.”

    Before I could decline, she got back into her car and drove off. I waited in the parking lot for a half hour, figuring she was making a point. They never came back. So I went about my shopping, bought a charger and went home.

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