Stepping Out on Sony – Vidjagame Apocalypse 416

The formerly PlayStation-exclusive MLB The Show is now on Xbox, which is… kinda weird, right? Almost as weird as finding out that developers now owned by Sony used to make games for competing platforms, which is what we’re delving into this week. Find out what studios like Guerrilla, Naughty Dog, and Sucker Punch were up to before becoming PlayStation mainstays, after which we’ll take a look at Immortals Fenyx Rising – The Lost Gods, NieR Replicant, Sony reversing course on closing its old stores, and unique things about your hometowns.

Question of the Week: What’s the most memorable game demo you’ve ever played?


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10 thoughts on “Stepping Out on Sony – Vidjagame Apocalypse 416

  1. #1 gotta be crash, since he was the unofficial sony mascot and that infamous commercial at NoA HQ…to now being on Nintendo platforms. I think the first time was a GBA game, which confused the shit outta me, since at the time I thought he was a sony IP.

    wonder if this was recorded before the Great Ace Attorney announcement…curious to hear Chris’ reaction, since he isn’t too fond of the AA fanbase.

    1. QotW: Less about the game itself and more about the CD it came from. id software had released the Quake Demo/shareware version on a CD that also had other shareware games from their vast library at the time (Doom, Heretic, Hexen, etc). You could buy full versions of those games off the same CD via unlock code (so essentially, the CD had encrypted full versions of games on it). My friend was pirate, and I was more straight laced than him, but he introduced me to a keygen that would get me all those games for free. I was afraid to use it cause I thought I’d get arrested…haha.

  2. Qotw:

    For me it was Soul Reaver. The demo gave a small chunk of gameplay but that was enough to hook me.

    The most memorable part was being able to crouch under water which causes you shoot out when you release it.

    It was amazing leaping out of the water and grabbing the vampires to pull them back in.

    Or fight them and impale them.
    Or drag them into fires and sun.
    The puzzles were fun as well.

    For me it was a perfect snapshot of the game and I knew I had to get it when it came out.

  3. My most memorable demo has to be for Burnout Paradise. I still remember walking through Walmart as a 10 year old burgeoning gamer and coming across the xbox 360 demo unit playing the game. I grabbed that disgusting mounted controller and fell in love. The demo let you burn up the streets of the starting area in the first car you get and you could compete in the few events that had endpoints in the demo area. A combination of seeing the super realistic at the time crash physics and that being the first game I ever saw in HD left me hopelessly hooked to this day. As a bonus the game released 1 day before my 11th birthday so I had a pretty easy time talking my parents into making an arcade edition 360 and burnout paradise my only birthday present. Love all your guys shows and thanks for keeping me sane at work and through covid. Peace.

  4. Qotw: The demo that stands out to me the most would be for Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza on PC back around the early 2000s. I remember as a kid being ecstatic over the concept of playing through my favorite action movie in first-person and I played the two or three level demo repeatedly for months. If the full game was ever any good I do not know, as my parents refused to buy it for me because it was “too violent” despite having no issue with me playing the demo or watching the film. I think they just didn’t want to pay for the game and eventually I forgot all about it until many years later.

  5. QotW: I’d have to say the Devil May Cry 4 demo on PS3. My friend and I were super excited for the next installment of the series. Unfortunately my parents didn’t have internet at my place, so I packed my PS3 up and went to my friend’s place. We must have played through the demo a couple dozen times.

  6. QotW: For me the greatest demo of all time was for the original Metal Gear Solid. My friends and I spent hours sneaking around the opening area, choking out guards, hiding in boxes, and figuring out wtf a chaff grenade was. It might seem pretty rudimentary by todays standards, but the gameplay combined with the cinematic presentation blew our minds. It was so impressive that still to this day I will gladly be first in line to play whatever public urination simulator Kojima graces us with.

  7. Gotta be the MASSIVE 1 Gig demo download for Crackdown for the 360. I had only just moved to Australia, unemployed, didnt know anyone… only so many hours a day you can trawl job sites and download crap (not porn) from torrent sites. So needing to blow off steam I sank hours upon hours into making my agent run around the timed sandbox marvelling at what seemed to be the start of something new and amazing for open world games.

    Seemed to be a solid evolution over what we’d seen in series like GTA, which like the devs finally understand that story and missions could be fun, but what really drove those series was just taking this toolbox and seeing how far you can push it. Limitations from GTA and games like it became lynchpins to how you cleaned up the streets as an agent. Cars weren’t just for transport or obstacles to avoid. They were tools and weapons that you could pick up and throw. Buildings became more strategic because of the increased agility of your character and the emphasis on verticality. You could perch on a roof top to rain down explosives or hide from enemies to regain your health.

    If you exploded things (and who didnt) you got to explode MORE things. Punching stuff just made you more punchy…The game put all your toys out in front of you and said “Here, smash the play-doh into your lego if you want. The fuck do I care? Enjoy your play-go”

    And if you died? Eh who cares, you respawned down the street with all your stats intact. Youd just try again in a few minutes.

    Capping off everything was the bright, clean cartoon-y look of the series, as close to a playable comic as id ever seen, and not least, despite the cipher-esque main player, a really diverse cast of agents, including African, Polynesian and Asian characters with some really nice character design and evolutions as you leveled up.

    Damn.. thinking back on this really makes me sad for what happened with the series, which is basically “not a whole lot.” A fine start with a load of promises and essentially no evolution from that first demo to Crackdown 3 almost 15 years later.

  8. The Voodoo Vince demo from Official Xbox Magazine demo disc 23 in October of 2003. I enjoyed the demo and got the game for Christmas of that year. It was also the first issue of OXM that I read and my parents got me a subscription to OXM in the summer of 04. From OXM I read about their podcast KOXM and this new website named GamesRadar. I listen to KOXM every week in high school but didn’t get into TalkRadar till college. I’m pretty sure I got some strange looks in laundry room laughing my ass off to the Halo Reach comments being read over Inception music. Ever since that episode I’ve been a fan ever since. So thank you guys for everything, hope you’re doing well, and I’m the next episode will be great as always!

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