RE-lentless Pursuit – Vidjagame Apocalypse 418

Resident Evil Village is out, and the rampantly fetishized Lady Dimitrescu joins the hallowed ranks of Resident Evil’s iconic, nigh-indestructible “stalker” enemies. So let’s kick off this week’s show with five of the most memorable pursuers from Resident Evils past, and then invite’s Mike Williams to tell us about his experience reviewing Village. Then we’ll talk Returnal, get into sordid details from the Epic v. Apple lawsuit, and hear about your dream Mortal Kombat guest characters.

Question of the Week: With a new Pokémon Snap evoking memories of Blockbuster Video’s Pokémon Snap Stations, what’s your favorite Blockbuster memory? (NOTE: We didn’t say it has to be positive. But it can be!)


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5 thoughts on “RE-lentless Pursuit – Vidjagame Apocalypse 418

  1. I worked at Blockbuster my senior year of high school and that summer. I enjoyed it because I love movies. But I have 2 memories that really stuck out to me.

    1) Blockbuster had a special rewards membership that was $9.99 a year and gave you a free older rental with any rental on Mondays and Wednesdays. I had just started and someone asked me which days the free rentals were. I messed up and said Tuesday and Thursday. A manager overheard and corrected me. The customer lookes me dead in the eyes and said “Maybe you need to learn your job.” A few minutes later, I was putting movies back on the shelf and was standing near that customer and her husband. She asked him to hand her a movie off the top shelf. It was The Banger Sisters starring Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon. She glanced at it before putting back on the shelf in front of her. Her husband went to put it back on the top shelf and she said “No! That’s his job,” pointing at me.

    2) I lived and worked in Pensacola, Florida which happens to be the hometown of several Samoan wrestlers including Sara’s best friend Roman Reigns. One day, two Escalades pulled up and a group of Samoan came into the store including Rikishi, Rose, Jamal and teenage Jimmy and Jey Uso. I am a big wrestling fan, but also suffer from extreme social anxiety so I made sure to always be on the other side of the store from them and let someone else check them out. They bought over $1000 worth of new DVDs.

  2. Embarrassing Blockbuster memory: I was a big fan of the TV show Hercules The Legendary Journeys, and the show came out with a Nintendo 64 game that could not be purchased. It could only be rented exclusively from Blockbuster.
    After renting the title, I realized with school and other obligations, I would not be able to finish the game. On the return date, I faked sick in order to face off against Ares in the final heated battle.
    As credits rolled, I realized… THAT GAME WAS AWFUL!

  3. A lot of my favorite Blockbuster memories involve saving up $12 worth of allowance I got for doing extra chores and renting consoles. I have a distinct memory of getting an N64 and a copy of Super Mario 64, bringing it home and being told to wait until my father got home from work to set up the console. Impatient and bored I popped open the little foam filled equipment case and looked at the hookups on the back of the console.

    The back of an N64 has one port for a multi-out AV cable and a massive slot for a power brick. I would compare it to a toddler’s shape sorter toy but if the box had room for two shapes and one of them were a rectangle that takes up more than half of the available space. It was at this moment that I first realized my parents might be kinda stupid.

  4. I had applied for a job at a Blockbuster back when I was in high school. The location had decided to do a big group interview, and I was in no way prepared for it. When asked to perform or teach the group something, being a semi-hungover punk kid, I thought it would be a great idea to teach a room full of people dressed in appropriate interview attire how to skank. It was hilarious, I obviously didn’t get the job, but I’ll remember it forever. Oh, and that time I saw a woman throw up out of her car behind that same Blockbuster.

  5. My favorite blockbuster memory is when my sister worked there when I was in seventh grade. I always asked her to bring home movies, and one time, she brought home the orange VHS tape version of Good Burger two weeks before it was put on the shelf. While I was super excited to watch a copy of a movie that wasn’t released yet, I noticed as soon as I put it in that the previews before the movie were all for rated R movies, and when I told my sister about it, she told her manager and the manager said it was a mistake, and I got to keep it while the store got in updated versions. I wish my parents still had it so I could see what previews they were, but it was tossed when everyone of our vhs movies were tossed years ago.

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