Bill Murray Goes Sailing, the Pirates of the Caribbean are Back for More, and Shrek debuts

3 thoughts on “Bill Murray Goes Sailing, the Pirates of the Caribbean are Back for More, and Shrek debuts

  1. As a middle school teacher, I can confirm that middle-schoolers adore “All Star.” I frequently have to tell kids to stop singing it in class. The school band also plays it at every pep rally, and the kids go wild every time. But then I tried to show them Shrek the Musical right before winter break, and they absolutely hated it and begged me to stop.

  2. Stone Cold starring Seattle Seahawks Brian “Boz” Bosworth. This was mocked for week after week on Almost Live; a regional Seattle tv sketch show that was briefly shown on Comedy Central. I’ve tried to find a clip of it but couldn’t. Sometimes the internet does not collect everything.

    Mannequin 2. The odd thing is that I was 100% the audience for Mannequin 2 in that I had seen 1 far far too many times on HBO but even when 2 was playing on HBO 2 I never gave it a shot. Not sure why.

    Truly Madly Deeply. What other films have had their SEO utterly trashed by songs that came out after they were released?

    Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken. What is the film you were forced to watch the most times because your sibling loved it?

    What about Bob. This is 100% a Bill Murray gem that is almost never brought up.

    Knight Rider 2000. Movies and TV shows and films that are this scared of crime in the future absolutely cannot be understood without the context of this chart. A 40-something person in the 1991 audience who was eating up this type of stuff had seen crime double from 1960 to 1970, double again from 1970 to 1980, and then increase a FURTHER 40% from 1980 to 1990. To the 1991 audience there was simply no reason to NOT expect the future to have higher and higher crime rates because crime had been increasing and increasing for 30 years. That would honestly be a terrifying position to be in. And in fact, the 1991 audience had to experience half a decade more of rising crime rates before it reached its peak and then began the truly massive decline we are still living in (despite a recent and hopefully non-trend spike) but pretty much no one was expecting that to happen so any film set in the future that didn’t look laughably afraid of crime to us 2021’ers would see odd to a 1991’er.

    Dennis Miller’s Last SNL. Who was your favorite host of SNL’s news segment?

    [ open on Lorne Michaels pouring a cup of coffee backstage, as Dennis Miller walks up ]

    Dennis Miller: Well, Lorne.. it’s been a great six years, but.. it’s time for me to move on.

    Lorne Michaels: Is this really your last show?

    Dennis Miller: That’s right.

    Lorne Michaels: You’re really leaving us, Dennis?

    Dennis Miller: Yes. This is it.

    Lorne Michaels: Are you sure?

    Dennis Miller: Yes, sir.

    Lorne Michaels: You’re not going to come back every week to hang out on the set like Lovitz, are you?

    Dennis Miller: No. No, I’m really going.

    Lorne Michaels: Because that would be pathetic. I mean, the man has no life.

    Dennis Miller: This is definitely my last show.

    Lorne Michaels: I mean, thank God every now and then he gets a movie..

    Dennis Miller: Yeah. Well, I’m serious. This is it for me.

    Lorne Michaels: Well.. okay. Is there anything special you’d like to do for your last show?

    Dennis Miller: Really?

    Lorne Michaels: Anything, Dennis, you name it.

    Dennis Miller: Well, you know, I’ve always wanted to say, “Live, from New York, it’s Saturday Night.”

    Lorne Michaels: Well, there’s the camera. Be my guest.

    Dennis Miller: “Live, from New York, it’s Saturday Night!“

    Lorne Michaels: [ pats Dennis’ back ] That was great. Uh, well.. we’re gonna miss you, Dennis.

    Dennis Miller: Yeah, I’m gonna miss you, too, Lorne. [ they shake hands ]

    Lorne Michaels: Well, time to start the show. “Live, from New York, it’s Saturday Night!“

    Shrek. I’d never thought about the influence this had on Disney fairy tales but I think Robin Williams performance in Aladin can thought to be an ur-Shrek: Self-aware and mocking of the source material in a very modern way.

    All Star. What are some songs that are bad but also really good?

    Why is Shrek in the Library of Congress but not Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

    I’d never given it a moment’s thought but Donkey being a kid who was turned into a donkey in Pinochio and then who has grown up makes perfect sense.

    West Wing. Two cathedrals. Is Biden the real life President who is the _closest_ to Jed Bartlet? No real-life person is a one-to-one version of a fictional character, but I can’t think of any other Presidents who come closer to Jed Bartlet than Biden.

    Sopranos Season 3 finale. This was quite odd in that Agent Deborah Ciccerone had a completely different actress for Season 4 but that The Sopranos went through the trouble of re-recording her scenes from Season 3 and then only playing those scenes from now on. I’ve often wondered if Back to the Future shouldn’t have just bit the bullet and done the same with Jennifer by re-shooting the ending of 1 so that she didn’t go to the future with Marty and Doc because the writers so obviously did not care about her.

    The One with Monica and Chandler’s Wedding. I fell off of Friends by this point and I’ve almost never revisited any of the episodes I never watched but I think I’ll watch this one.

    Walker Texas Ranger. Compilation.

    Conspiracy. I’ve been meaning to watch this film about the Wannsee Conference for 20 years now and for 20 years I just have never been in the right mood to watch it.

    A Serbian Film. Wow. I had never thought about it but that would totally ruin the SEO for every Serbian film for non-Serbian viewers.

    Pirates 4. This is not yet on Disney+ but the film is yet another reminder that Jack Sparrow should -not- be the protagonist! He’s a classic Trickster archetype and he worked fantastically in 1 in getting Will Turner to carry the load of the story-telling while he chipped in here and there with a cool little moment but trying to make him the protagonist was like saying, “a tablespoon of salt made this soup really good so what if we put in a cup?”

    What are some Decades where a certain genre was dead? As an example, Pirates films were pretty much dead for the 1990’s with the sole exception of Cutthroat Island, which bombed.

    Little Sebastian. When I die I would like Lasertime/The LTC to write me a song that is 5000 times better than 5000 Candles In The Wind. So please write me a song called 2,500,000 Candles in the Wind, please.

    What game do you most associate with your significant other? For me it’s LA Noire. It remains to this day the only video game I have ever played with my wife. She just doesn’t care much for them but we watched a couple of Noir films and I projected it as a detective game we could play together. She had no interest in the shooting parts and let me do those by myself but once the actual detective work began she gave suggestions and proposed lines of questioning and happily tried to solve the mysteries with me. No other game has been able to hold her interest in the slightest so I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for LA Noire because of that.

  3. Shrek came out while I was still going to community college and hanging out with leftover friends I’d had in high school. We went and saw Shrek, and one of the ladies in our friend group was horrified by the ending, since “Fiona will be ugly forever.” It was one of those rare “who is this person?” moments.

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