Vin Diesel Gets Fast and Furious, The Rocketeer Takes to the Skies and Pixar’s Cars Travel the World

June 18-24: Julia Roberts hates cancer, Eddie Murphy still talks to the animals, Sonic the Hedgehog launches, Xena battles for the last time, the former Duchess of Sussex gets a show, your mom gets horned up for Christian Grey, Cameron Diaz is a bad teacher, and The Shins release a song that will change your life. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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2 thoughts on “Vin Diesel Gets Fast and Furious, The Rocketeer Takes to the Skies and Pixar’s Cars Travel the World

  1. Dying Young. What are some other films where nurses fall in love with their patients?

    The rocketeer. What was the missing ingredient?

    What are some other kids films that feel like they are for adults when you’re a kid but that in no way shape or form feel like they are for adults when you are an adult?

    Xena Warrior Princess ends. How many episodes of Xena Warrior Princess have you watched?

    Fast and Furious 1. Are there any other rip-offs of Point Break?

    Twisted Metal 2. Are there any other good examples of where rebooting darker worked?

    Superman to and cannonball run 1981
    McCabe & Mrs. Miller 1971

    Cars 2. What is your least favorite Pixar film? I think it’s this one for me (yes, even over The Good Dinosaur)

    Suits. My wife and I watched it for no particular reason . We liked it. It was good, not great but still enjoyable. We then stopped watching for no particular reason and I don’t have any feelings about it one way or the other. Anyone have feelings for Suits?

    50 shades of Grey published. If you were to have around 1/2 hour to 1 hour to read something, and you knew you would have no memory of reading it, what would you read? For me that was not just a philosophical question to probe the nature of memory, it was a real question for me as I was going to undgor sinus surgery and the previous time I underwent that procedure I haD this very vivid memory of walking into the hospital and then the next thing I knew I was in a recovery bed. No memory of writing on forms, or talking with the doctor, or waiting around, just walking in and then poof – there I was in a bed. Short term amnesia is a common enough side effect of the anesthesia but man was it weird. It was the most sci-fi experience I’ve ever had in my life. So the SECOND time I got to thinking I should read something by Philip K. Dick (and make notes for my future-self to read) but INSTEAD I decided to go with the Twilight Option because I really liked the idea of being able to say I had it deleted from my brain. But, turns out that the universe is an ironist as the second time I only lost around 3-5 minutes of memory. I remember walking into the hospital, I remember checking in, and I remember reading Twilight for over an hour. I wasn’t in a PKD story, I was in a lovecraft story. That which was learned cannot be unlearned …
    Also, power differential relationships are highly attracted to segments of the population.

    Ocarina of time 3-D. What is your favorite remake of all time and why?

    Sonic appears in all three segments. To the best of my memory this is indeed the first time such a thing has happened in #thirtytwentyten . Anyone remember another time when that happened?

  2. If you are interested in a great experience for American Gods, I cannot recommend higher the 10th Anniversary Full Cast Audiobook. It feels like an excellent radio play. I was able to listen through the Hoopla app thanks to my library.

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