Channel Drift – Laser Time #428


What’s on TV tonight? Does it matter?! Television shows remain great, while TV itself seems in an unstoppable cycle of decay. Have you noticed your favorite Nature or Music channel look alarmingly similar these days, when you need them most? In this episode we’re examining why television channels are desperately abandoning their identity, and yes, it’s largely because of the very medium you’re listening to this on.


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4 thoughts on “Channel Drift – Laser Time #428

    1. Sorry meant to say to post that clip in relationship to The Learning Channel.

      I think one major one is how Cartoon Network drifted from showing old Turner owned cartoons, to a mix of old and new Cartoon Network Studios, to now only newer shows. I couldn’t imagine if it hadn’t drifted what it would look like today. Hey kids here’s Steven Universe followed up by Charlie Chan and the Chan clan. Though maybe with WB brining all it’s owned material back to life (Lego Batman, Ready Player One, Space Jam 2) some of the older cartons can find a new audience. New Looney Toons cartoons from HBO max just started airing on tv again and they are great, but the new Popeye cartoon series from last year…not so much. Maybe a new Captain Planet after this weeks Rick and Morty?

  1. Long time listener, first time poster!
    Does anyone have the link for the M2 promo? I’d love to see it in person.

  2. One channel that never drifted was Lifetime. It’s still just as “Lifetime” as ever. However, the channels that tried to compete with it certainly have changed. Oxygen and WE TV went straight for the women’s TV market, and have both long bailed. Oxygen is basically just movie reruns, and WE TV is all Law & Order marathons.

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