Donkey Kong’s Got Range – Vidjagame Apocalypse 428

Donkey Kong, just like the plumber who debuted alongside him in 1981, has expanded far beyond his arcade roots to appear in everything from racers to rhythm games over the years. To celebrate Kong’s 40th anniversary, let’s take a look at five different genres covered by the ape’s impressive oeuvre of games, after which we’ll get into Chris’ impressions of Zelda: Skyward Sword, scratch our heads over the $1.5 million Super Mario 64 cart, and hear the historical periods you think Assassin’s Creed Infinity should explore.

Question of the Week: What genre of game should Donkey Kong be shoehorned into next?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Konglelujah (DK Rap + Hallelujah) by Sackie Bum.


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8 thoughts on “Donkey Kong’s Got Range – Vidjagame Apocalypse 428

  1. I’m surprised we haven’t gotten an FPA/FPS of DK yet, especially since Retro took over for Rare. Imagine it, you play either as DK or Diddy and from their perspective, you gotta recover your banana hoard. Depending on who you chose, you’d have a different arsenal of moves. As Diddy you can do a first person view of his cartwheel attack, and as DK, the roll. Both can also pick up weapons! Barrel Blasters that shoot bananas or bongos that create sonic waves!

  2. QotW: it would be interesting if the next Donkey Kong Country was a Metroidvania. They could do ability upgrades in a similar way to DK64 in a 2d game this time (such as Diddy’s jetpack or Donkey’s bazooka).

  3. I want a REAL Donkey Kong racing game. (Diddy Kong Racing doesn’t count!) There was one in the works for GameCube and it looked great! Riding the animals from the Country games looked like a lot of fun!

    Also, the Donkey Kong for Game Boy is actually titled “Game Boy Donkey Kong”. It’s on the title screen for Goomba’s sake! It’s on all the Japanese artwork too, but likely removed due it looking redundant in other regions. Nintendo followed with a similar naming convention with “Virtual Boy Wario Land”. People need to stop calling it ’94 like it’s an annualized FIFA Genesis game and give it the proper respect!

  4. QOTW: I want a Donkey Kong Telltale game based on the Donkey Kong Country animated series. Its premise being Donkey Kong trying to discover the fate of his father, Donkey Kong Jr. It is revealed that King K. Rool is his father, Donkey Kong Jr., and had gone through a Joker-like transformation after falling into a vat of boiled bananas. It is later revealed that Mario is behind all of this in an attempt to get revenge after the second Donkey Kong arcade game. You, as the player, play as Donkey Kong and makes decisions as the story progresses. Perhaps you must choose if Diddy Kong will live… or die.

  5. QotW: I’d love to see a Donkey kong table flip arcade game. Dk trying to have a nice night playing bongos but everyone keeps annoying him to the point where he flips out, bongos and nannas flying everywhere.

  6. Qotw: I want a Donkey Kong walking simulator where you find out his sister is a lesbian. Not going to elaborate on this

  7. few things. donkey kong 94 with the super gameboy does more than borders and different colors. the super gameboy enhances the audio as well. pauline calling for help is digitized and produced with the snes sound chip. not many took advantage of this but dk 94, being the first game to fully use the hardware, was best example of what was possible

    and donkey kong 64 is bundled with the ram expansion not because it actually needs or is enhanced by it. if you can get around the expansion pak lockout screen, the game runs the same as with the extra ram. the reason dk64 was bundled with the expansion pak is that the game has a critical memory leak that causes the game to crash after a certain amount of timr. the expansion pak remedies this but doesnt fix the issue as the game will still crash, but it takes far longer with the extra ram.

  8. QOTW: A first-person Survival Horror game. You play as one of K. Rool’s cronies (kronies?) who’s lost on DK Isle while retrieving the combination to the lock on DK’s banana stash. All the while being stalked through the jungle by the giant ape Donkey Kong a la a very hairy Lady Dimitrescu, inevitably leading to a new internet slash-fic fad.

    PS: Wario Land and Wario Land II are great GameBoy games that deserve the same reverence as DK94.

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