Potent Portables – Vidjagame Apocalypse 429

With Steam Deck and the OLED Switch vying for preorders last week, now seems like an opportune time to grab Greg Moore for a look back at five handhelds that tried and failed to take on Nintendo, but made us love them just the same. Then we get swept away by Cris Tales, Cotton Reboot, and Death’s Door; muse about Netflix entering the game industry; and look at the genres you think Donkey Kong should tackle next.

Question of the Week: Are you planning to get a Steam Deck? Why or why not?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is this poorly aged nonsense from a 1997 Game Boy Pocket ad.


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9 thoughts on “Potent Portables – Vidjagame Apocalypse 429

  1. Probably not, as I will not get a Steam Deck as my number one concern about portable handhelds are ergonomics as a good screen needs to be a given. And I do not like how the abxy buttons are placed. Valve appears to continue a trend like many Western hardware developers to make us think that we here in America love to play mostly shooters, and that is what I think the Steam Deck is designed for. Now if the final design has swappable external parts.

    That being said, I’m pretty excited about the existence of a Steam Deck, even if there are and better ways of playing our favorite PC games. The specs are strong enough for a 720p handheld computer capable of playing the not well optimized Control, and that’s fine enough for me.

  2. Question of the week: Hell yes I’m getting a steam deck. I’m no where near a PC gamer, but have a handful of (older) steam games…playing them on the go would be awesome. Plus the rumors of being able to add Epic Game Store, GOG, and even Game Pass…this is the ultimate portable. Add in it’s basically a computer…so you got a handheld PC…throw in some emulators…and you’ve basically out switched the Switch. Got the 512 model slated for Q1 2022, so excited.

  3. Question of the Week:

    Probably? I waited until the top tier version wouldn’t be sent to me until Q3 2022 and with how the Steam Deck preorder works, you put five dollars down to get in line to make that finalized purchase. Basically you can get that money back (to your Steam account, if over 30 days since pre-ordering) if you decide to cancel. I really feel no risk with this preorder situation and if it doesn’t review well, or lacks support, I’ll just get that five bucks back to my Steam account and pick up a game or two. I don’t really view the Steam Deck as portable, but I really do want portable consoles to come back. I love my Switch but I still miss new games coming out for both the VITA and 3DS. I am even going to be preodering that PlayDate system next Thursday! Are any of you going to get that weird thing?

  4. QOTW: No. I’m actually more excited about the PlayDate with its black and white screen and goofy little crank. It is an absurd device for an absurd era whereas the SteamDeck doesn’t really push the envelope in any way that I’m interested in.

  5. QOTW: I am the target audience for this, I travel a bunch for work, so I have to take my gaming portable a lot, hence my Nintendo Switch. The thing is… when you travel your internet options are garbage (DON”T PLAY SPLATOON ON HOTEL WIFI!). Most of my Steam Library are games that I want to play online with friends. So, until there is a 5G option for the Steam Deck… I don’t think this is for me. And no I am not hot spotting my phone that doesn’t work either.

  6. QOTW: I’m a software developer, so I spend eight hours every day on a computer. When I get home, the last thing I want to do is spend even more time on computer., so the Steam Deck is pretty appealing. I have lots of Steam games, and Steam tends to have much lower prices than consoles, so having a way to play PC games without being on a PC sounds great to me!

  7. No, I won’t get the Steamdeck because I already have a Switch, a smart phone, a tablet, a gaming PC, multiple consoles, AND a gaming laptop (something I wanted to use more until covid happened.) Like most people who play games on their PC via steam, I have too many fucking games that haven’t been beaten or played at all what so ever. I’d be better off focusing on certain games on my switch when I’m out and about, maybe hyperlight drifter, or Guilty gear strive if I’m outside for a longer period of time on the laptop. I’ll just continue to play PC games on my PC for the most part. The steamdeck just seems pretty useless to me at the moment. I can imagine it may be better once all the portable devices I have become outdated.

  8. These days I only play games in handheld mode (Switch, PS4-Remote Play) I am not at all a PC gamer for that very reason. If there was ever a way to get me into PC gaming this would be it. Unless Sony or Microsoft announce portable options, this will be my only way to experience the next generation.

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