Top Gun Goes Airplane!, an Ape Planet Rises, and Anne Hathaway is a Princess

July 30-Aug. 5: Rodney Dangerfield is a dog, Milla Jovovich swims in a lagoon, Chris Tucker goes to China, Dave Attell stays up late, James Franco is James Dean, Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman trade places, Michael J. Fox makes an unexpected stop, Angelina Jolie gets sinful, and Dennis Franz meets a horse. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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2 thoughts on “Top Gun Goes Airplane!, an Ape Planet Rises, and Anne Hathaway is a Princess

  1. Rob Reiner’s Morton & Hayes. What are some successful example of someone trying to make a film/tv show look like it was made before it was actually made?

    As a counter-example, George Lucas wanted Star Wars to be like the serials he watched when young but he did not actually make it into a black and white serial with bad graphics.

    But ( most definitely TRIES to seem like it was made in 1930’s or whatever. And it failed miserably. Any other examples?

    What is the “Summer season TV show that never got to be anything other than a some season” that you most remember fondly? For me it’s Johnny Bago:

    Doc Hollywood. What is the most truly artistic nudity you have ever seen in a film?

    As an adult, what is your favorite Rodney Dangerfield stand up act?
    Rover Dangerfield. Yes, in retrospect it is very odd that a comic whose act was how his wife wouldn’t fuck him became so popular with kids. Was it just Back to School? I remember watching that soooo much in HBO.

    what is your favorite joke from Hot Shots?

    What is the song you have listened to the most times while never having seen it’s music video? I think it might be this one for me:

    On a scale of 1-10 how badly do you have to want to watch a movie before you pay to rent it? I was mildly curious about #thirtytwentyten ‘s mention of Original Sin while googling it I thought I could watch it for free on Apple TV. So for the VERY FIRST TIME, I actually logged onto the free Apple TV I have had for months now. But then I found out I misread and I could just rent it there. It was probably a 5 for me in terms of how interested I was so that was a nope. What about for you? On a scale of how badly you WANT to watch something, at what point are fine paying to do so?

    I don’t have much to say about Devil’s Double other than it was pretty good and I would recommend it. I read the book in the run up to the Iraq War and it follows the book pretty well from what I remember. But as the hosts say there are some conflicting claims about just how real the book was.

    What is the most UNCOMFORTABLE destruction of humanity you have ever watched in film or TV?
    Planet of the Apes 2011.

    Summertime summer songs playlist, GO!

  2. I realize that this probably won’t be seen or might have been discussed on the LTC but I find it a little disappointing that there’s another show that’s going to be behind a paywall.

    Now don’t get me wrong, you guys deserve to be paid obviously but I find it goes against the concept of the show as it was described as wanting to introduce classic movies to a wider audience but that wider audience has to pay for it

    I won’t blame anyone at all for keeping it Patreon exclusive, like I said earlier you guys should be compensated for all the work you do but it is a bit of a bummer

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