5 thoughts on “Comedic Duos – Laser Time #429

  1. I was re-watching ‘Man-Babies Gag Over What Used To Be Food’ this afternoon, and remembered I hadn’t visited the LaserTimePodcast site in a while. The inclusion of Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Theodore Logan in the frontispiece for this episode, heartened by the late George Carlin as the Future Rufus, seemed appropriate, if not fated. Chris and crew: I hope you’ve been excellent to yourselves and each other. Thank you for keeping the Laser Time Spirit going, and being good to yourselves!

  2. I have said 2 disc copy of Freaked as well as a VHS copy. I thought that movie was absolute GENIUS when I saw it back in the 90’s. Funnily enough, I also have VHS copies of Brain Donors and Crimewave (another highly underrated ‘goofy’ comedy).

  3. Any time someone mentions the Wayans brothers all I can think of is the time the professor in a film class I took in college had us watch White Chicks because he thought it really had something to say about race relations in America.

    I did think of two obscure old-timey comedy duos I love though. Olsen & Johnson were more of a thing in Vaudeville and radio, so a lot of their work is just gone, but the film version of their stage show Hellzapoppin’ is wild and WAY ahead of its time. Track down a copy if you can

    The other, much less successful duo I love (or at least love the idea of) is the team of Sammy Petrillo and Duke Mitchell who were a Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin impersonator act on the nightclub circuit. Some movie producer thought they could make a quick buck off Martin and Lewis’s coattails, and we got one of the all time great movie titles in “Bella Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla”. They didn’t do much else together, but Duke Mitchell tried directing himself, giving us the grindhouse classic Massacre Mafia Style, as well as the long lost, but recently rescued Gone With the Pope.

  4. You guys mentioned the movie Freaked recently. I absolutely love that movie. It is not streaming in most places, but it is available on archive.org. It’s also available for sale (not by me, this is not a plug) outside of Amazon, on a popular site, for around $40.

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