Jay and Silent Bob Say Goodbye, Walter White Knocks, and All the Kids are Screaming about Barton Fink

Aug. 20-26: Don Johnson’s a smoking cowboy, Paul Rudd is an idiot, Nintendo gets super, we say goodbye to Aaliyah, Ice Cube goes to Mars, a very Kardashian wedding, Brandon Lee teams up with Dolph Lundgren, Zoe Saldana kicks butt, Strong Bad answers an email, and the quest for the Spin Doctors’ greatest song begins. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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6 thoughts on “Jay and Silent Bob Say Goodbye, Walter White Knocks, and All the Kids are Screaming about Barton Fink

  1. Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back was the first Kevin Smith movie I had seen and I was SO confused. There was something strangely compelling about this world that apparently revolves around these two stoners though, so I tracked down the older movies and got really into them for a while.

    I guess that also means this lead me to finding the Criterion Collection, because for whatever reason that was the cheapest way of getting Chasing Amy for a while there. I loved the presentation and special features and started checking out other Criterion releases.

    So yeah, Jay & Silent Bob got me into Seven Samurai and Throne of Blood and other older, artsy films.

  2. Do you ever go back and listen to old episodes 302010?

    Burning Man. I always wanted to go when I was young but never did.

    Belorussia leaves Soviet Union. Gorbachev was almost certainly crucial in that and seems a massive outlier. It appears as if the vast majority of long lasting tyrannies just do not end up ruled by a man who, at his fundamental core, actually believes said tyrannies fundamental myth: ie that the state is truly working for the best interest of the people it rules and therefore the people love the state as much, or at least close to as much, as the state’s propaganda says it does. I wonder if Monarchy has had such a horrible run in the 20th and 21st century because monarchs were just much more likely to believe that myth compared to tyrants. .

    Showdown in Little Tokyo. “ Buy their drugs and their cars from us!” Is a line that almost makes me want to watch it.

    Harley Davison’s and the marlboro man. Even at the time as a young kid I thought the title was so odd. Are there any other movie titles that reference a brand where the film has nothing to do with the brand?

    What Coen brothers film have you NEVER seen?
    (Add to the poll if it’s not there)

    Susan Hart sounds facinating: https://mst3k.fandom.com/wiki/Susan_Hart?

    My google foo is proving weak today and I cannot find any good compellations of Roc showing what went wrong with the live show. Help?

    Oh wow. I remember watching this and wishing so hard I could play Nintendo on a movie theater screen. “Playing a video game on a movie screen” has always been low-key on my bucket list. Anyone ever actually done it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSBFw93V3Rg

    BESDIDES Super Mario World, what was the best SNES launch title?

    What was the Spin Doctors best song ?

    Aaliyah https://www.biography.com/news/aaliyah-plane-crash-died

    Gary Condit https://youtu.be/2sFejkHFYxU?t=20

    What early internet thing that was huge did you experience the least?
    Strongbad may be the most famous thing on the internet that I was never exposed to. No one sent me a link, I never ended up watching it, I was vaguely aware of it but I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than five seconds of it.

    “The platform for your favorite nested films and shows.
    Fictional movies within movies? Got ‘em. Fake shows within shows? You bet. Browse our selection of over 450 stories within stories.

    Are you supposed to take An American Werewolf in London seriously or not?

    “Jobs deeply regretted putting off a decision that might have ultimately saved his life, according to Isaacson.

    “He tries to treat it with diet. He goes to spiritualists. He goes to various ways of doing it macrobiotically and he doesn’t get an operation,” Isaacson said in the interview.

    “I think that he kind of felt that if you ignore something, if you don’t want something to exist, you can have magical thinking,” he said. “We talked about this a lot.”

    There is SUCH a huge difference between _intelligence and _wisdom_. Generally speaking sheer IQ just means you are very very good at finding reasons to do things your ego tells you to do.


  3. Just a reminder that you can see more Steve Coogan nudity in 24 Hour Party People, which came out before Our Idiot Brother.
    Also, I truly love American Rhapsody and recommend it to others, but no one else seems to enjoy it like I do.

  4. I showed Jay and Silent Bob to 6 people who never seen it or any prior Kevin Smith (besides Dogma) and they all loved it

    No one was lost or cared, just went along with it and felt it was a wacky fun dumb journey

    I was suprised how much you all thought it was only for KS experts


  5. Never ever comment but the way this show is so dismissive to action and martial arts films that aren’t “canonized” is exhausting. First calling Stone Cold a good “bad” movie and then dismissing Showdown in Little Tokyo outright. The stunts, choreography and effects work that goes into this stuff is masterful. Especially Stone Cold. And Little Tokyo is just a fun little buddy cop flick with two great performances from actors who deserve a lot more of your time. There’s just such an air of embarrassment for even discussing these movies and the arched eyebrows, guffaws at even the mention of Dolph Lundgren are just off putting.

    I understand the impetus to call things guilty pleasures but sometimes a film just accomplishes all it sets out to do and does it well. There’s such a stigma attached to this stuff and I’m tired of it. Not trying to be overly critical but over the years we’ve seen B and low budget horror reevaluated, sometimes as high art but mostly just as strong examples of how to do something well without major resources. I wish action had that because there are so many gems hidden away with impeccable craft that get laughed off because you think they aren’t worthy of examination.

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