Let’s Do The Time Loop Again – Vidjagame Apocalypse 437

Deathloop is out this week, and we’re excited to talk about it – but first, let’s ease in with some a look at five other top-tier time-loop games that came along since we last covered the topic in episode 250. Then it’s on to Deathloop, The Artful Escape, WarioWare: Get It Together, last week’s PlayStation Showcase, and the game characters you’d want to see kaiju-sized.

Question of the Week: Like time loops, what’s a recent trend in games you wish there was more (or less) of?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Time Loop, by Sherman’s Showcase Feat. Ne-Yo.


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6 thoughts on “Let’s Do The Time Loop Again – Vidjagame Apocalypse 437

  1. A trend that I wish there was more of is combat systems that are basic, but they can get complex with skill trees and are also fun to use. I think this was used great in Ghost of Tsushima where the combat felt really good to use and you were able to unlock a lot of moves to make it not get repetitive. Another game that comes to mind is Jedi: Fallen Order with its Souls-like combat with force powers implemented well.

  2. Not really a trend, but I love the fact that Beat ’em Ups/velt strollers are making a come back. Amazing that pretty much an entire genre all but disappeared at the end of the 16 bit era, with only the occasional nods and niche titles getting any recognition.

    I had all but given up hope we’d see either a new Streets of Rage or TMNT arcade brawler again, now we’re getting both within a very small windows.

    Sure it does mean we’re going to get more cash-in titles and people trying to ride the coat tails of SoR and the Kunio-kun series, but I’m hoping this also means we’ll get more interest in pushing the genre forward and doing more interesting things.

    Its Streets of Rage meets Dark Souls!
    Its Streets of Rage Battle Royale!
    Its Streets of Rage but its a time loop!
    Streets of Rage with getcha mechanics!
    Tell tales Tales of the Streets of Rage (Max will remember that)

    Okay. All those ideas are fucking terrible, but I HAVE been drinking and I dont have to prove anything to youse guys.

  3. QOTW: Existing. I only just started XCom 2. I haven’t made it past the title screen in Psychonauts 2. All game releases should be paused until I can catch up on my backlog.

  4. QOTW: I’d like to see less microtransactions in full priced games. I understand its an easy way to make alot of money for game devs but it still feels gross.

  5. Question of the week: I would like to see sliding less in shooter games. It is pretty ridiculous that everyone can knee slide around like they just scored a goal in a soccer match on any surface known to man. I am not asking for realism, I just think the sliding is a bit overdone.

    I would like to see more Real Time Strategy, because that is a genre that is basically dead (mainly because turn based stuff has replaced it). Total War or Blizzard half-assed reworks cannot be the only Triple A option out there.

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