Steve Martin’s Big Year a Decade Ago, Chris Kattan gets a movie, and Ernest Stupid Scared

Oct. 8-14: Anita Hill teaches us a new term, The Thing returns (again), Tom Berenger’s shattered, Liza’s stepping out, a Scarface rom-com reunion, Bruce Willis is a bandit, everybody’s footloose again, Gus Fring’s out, Community invents the darkest timeline, and two extra creepy Spanish-language films for spooky season. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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2 thoughts on “Steve Martin’s Big Year a Decade Ago, Chris Kattan gets a movie, and Ernest Stupid Scared

  1. Shattered is the movie I’ve been trying to remember for years, with only the basics of the plot to go on. I saw it on TV way back when and assumed it was a made-for-TV movie, so I’ve checked every list, forum, etc. of TV movies trying to find one with a plot that matched. As soon as you guys started describing it on this week’s episode, I knew this was it. I found a rip of it on Internet Archive and look forward to finally seeing it again.

  2. Was the Anita Hill hearings the first time you ever heard or understood about sexual harassment?

    Earnest Scared Stupid. This is the only non-directed to video Earnest film I have never watched. I’m not sure why because I absolutely loved Ernest goes to jail. I may have felt I was too old for it when it came out and never bothered to go back and watch it. Anyone want to go to bat for it and say it’s worth watching in 2021?

    In Living Color. At the time of its airing, what did you think of the Fly Girls? I remember most of the boys in my junior high having at least a low-key crush on them.

    20th aniversary of kidz bop. I am not a fan, but there were definitely a number of years when my kids absolutely loved it. Kids like to see themselves reflected in art, and while it’s not a very long window in my experience, my kids loved to hear other kids singing Kidz bop songs. I think they both grew out of it at around 8 though? Any other parents have their kids grow out of it and if so at what ages?

    #thirtytwentyten #classicornner Splendor in the Grass. Birth control! You cannot talk about sexual repression in any pre-mid-60s (at the earliest) film without considering the absolutely crucial role birth control played in changing sexual morals around the entire world. In 1961, when this film came out, birth control had been legal nationwide in the US for a whole whopping one year, and FDA approval for The Pill was about the same age. Yes of course birth control of various aspects existed before then but it’s not a coincidence that there was such a sea change in opinion, across most of the world eventually, regarding premarital sex after that point in time. But it didn’t just happen instantly. The people making this film, probably those in their 30s to 50s mostly, had spent their entire existence in a pre-pill world until maybe a few months before filming started. The risk versus fun cost benefit analysis just wasn’t the same for them and the change in that risk-fun ratio would take most of the rest of the 60’s to become fully real and accepted in even highly urbanized environments throughout the western world

    Father of Invention. What other films have a 0 on rotten tomato?

    The Skin I Live In. What is your favorite body horror film of all time?

    Steve Martin. The Big Year. I would love some recommendations for films that are gentle and genially.

    The Thing. 2011. Huh. Any other films ever remake multiple versions of their previous selves into one film?

    Footloose. 2011 remake. At this .100% of my memories of Footloose consist of Andy Richter‘s attempt to get dirty dancing remade and then having after the end of a very long campaign being the punchline, “ I thought it was Footloose.”

    have you ever watched an entire episode of Last Man Standing?

    Community. Remedial Chaos Theory. Any other good analysis of it?

    Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. This is the only game I’m aware of that changes the protagonist for the sequel and then did a new game plus where you play as the original protagonist. Others?

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