First-Person Kickers – Vidjagame Apocalypse 444

Delivering a good, solid kick in a game feels great, especially when it sends your enemies flying helplessly into spikes or off cliffs. This week, the regular VGA crew pays tribute to five of the greatest, meatiest kick attacks ever to grace first-person games, after which we’ll start to unpack Unpacking, try not to say too much about Inscryption, see Seth Rogen get his own Donkey Kong movie, and hear which games you think deserve Halloween-themed missions.

Question of the Week: What collection of IP needs a Smash game now?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Boot to the Head by The Frantics.


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5 thoughts on “First-Person Kickers – Vidjagame Apocalypse 444

  1. I think that Universal deserves a smash clone before Warner Bros. does. They own so many good characters that shouldn’t be in the same place together. They could easily beat Smash Ultimate’s roster with characters like the Universal Monsters, the Fast & Furious characters, the shark from Jaws, the James Bonds, Michael Myers, etc. They could even put Chris Pratt’s Mario in there because they own Illumination Studios. I also think it would be interesting to see a Disney fighting game but only with the IP they’ve purchased from studios like Fox.

  2. QotW: With Xbox turning 20 soon, it should be Microsoft’s turn to do their take on it a Smash clone. In my opinion, what makes the Smash games so good is the deep cuts from the Nintendo backlog to introduce existing and obscure IPs to new audiences. Of course a Microsoft smash-clone would have Master Chief, Marcus Fenix, Doom Guy and the Battletoads but what would make it hit the mark would be the inclusion of niche characters like Brutus from Brute Force, Blinx, Voodoo Vince, Kameo or maybe Commander Keen. To top it all off, Clippy could be the final boss because why not.

  3. I think they should make a Smash Bros. clone of classic PBS kids shows. There’s such a wide group of characters to pull from and it’s got a huge nostalgia pull. You could have Sesame Street staples like Super Grover, Telly, and The Count. You’ve got Daniel Tiger, Lamb Chops, Barney. Mr. Conductor could show up and summon in a train. Can you defeat the 5 man tag team of Rockapella? Bonus points if they make the game with a violence level to match Mortal Kombat.

  4. QotW: I really think that the Lord of the Rings has been underserved in the non-freemium mobile garbage department and there is definitely an appetite for more of the movie likeness characters if you look at all the memes flying around out there. THEY ARE TAKING THE HOBBITS TO ISENGARD!!!! ( Also there are a TON of characters from the Silmarillion that haven’t even been rendered in film or games (or just ignored by the movies, hi Glorfindel!). Could be a blast of a fighting game. Though, rendering Treebeard and Frodo as opponents on the same fighting stage could be problematic.

  5. QOTW: I’ll take the easy answer and say Adult Swim. Lemme just list some characters and tell me you don’t want to see them fight: Brock Sampson, the Monarch, Meatwad, Space Ghost, Rick Sanchez, Samurai Jack, Nathan Explosion, Dr. Steve Brule, Huey Freeman, and of course, Kraft Punk.
    Adult Swim is already an indie publisher, and it could be the first M rated smash rip off which would set it apart. Honestly, this is money on the table, but they better not skimp on the voice acting.

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