Unreliable Narrators – Vidjagame Apocalypse 445

An “unreliable narrator” can mean that a character is withholding information or deceiving you, or it can, in a very literal sense, mean a narrator who just doesn’t have their shit together. Leif Johnson joins us for a look at the latter this week, as we delve into five games that shift and bend to the whims of their narrators’ disembodied voices, after which we’ll get into Call of Duty: Vanguard, Forza Horizon 5, the promise of double-digit game reveals in this year’s Game Awards, and the IP you think deserves its own Smash game.

Question of the Week: Who’s your favorite liar from a videogame?


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4 thoughts on “Unreliable Narrators – Vidjagame Apocalypse 445

  1. My favorite liars in video games are all of the supporting characters in Pokemon that tell me what a great trainer I am for being friends with my pokemon, when really I’m capturing wild animals in tiny balls, and forcing them to murder their friends and family until they’re strong enough to fight in organized cock fighting for 10 year olds and eventually replace them with mythical god-like beings who I also enslave and force to participate in said cock fighting for 10 year olds. Then the breeding begins…

  2. My favorite liar in video games is Captain Qwark from the Ratchet & Clank series. Even though he lies about being a hero, he’s just a big doofus, and eventually, he even becomes a protagonist. Qwark really brings a lot of humor to those series with his heroic talking style, which is even more pronounced in the 2016 movie tie-in game.

  3. QOTW: The greatest liar in all of games is The Spy from Team Fortress 2. The entire class is based around convincing people you’re on their team and then literally stabbing them in the back. I’ll never forget the time I crouch jumped to clear some Engineer’s health and ammo dispenser to trick him into thinking I clipped through it only for him to give me a long intense stare of suspicion…and then start dancing. The second time he started having a hoedown I sabotaged his dispenser teleporters and his sentry gun, backstabbed the sniper next to us and finally plunged my butterfly knife in his spine as he let out one last “YEEEHAAW!” That guy didn’t try to attack me to check if I was a spy. He trusted me and greeted me with cheers and dancing and I destroyed everything he had built and killed a man he was protecting while he could do nothing but watch.

  4. QOTW: If only because its fresh in my mind, I’ll go with Naomi Hunter from the MGS series. (Spoilers) In MGS4 alone, she spends the entire game lying to everyone around her. At first it seems she is working for liquid out of hatred for Snake. After all, she is responsible for the virus that is killing him. Then she crys when she see his saggy old man body and seems to have had a change of heart. When she deffects to the good guys, she proceeds to put the moves on Otacon, and is clearly hiding something. She then IMMEDIATELY goes back to the bad guys, and the next time you see her, she’s rubbing Vamps nipples after helping Liquid aquire Rex’s railgun. Even with her dying breath, she witholds her master plan and keeps up the ruse. Only at the very end of the game do we see the full extent of her lies, and she leaves a recording that reveals that she was secretly working to undermine Liquid and save Solid Snake from the fox die virus this whole time. Hell, even her english accent from the first game turned out to be bullshit.
    (If I got amy of that wrong, its because I’m lying.)

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