Wrestling Matches (In Non-Wrestling Games) – Vidjagame Apocalypse 462

WWE 2K22 launches this week, inspiring us to take a look at the way wrestling matches have been represented in non-“sports entertainment” games over the years. Then we’ll dig into Gran Turismo 7, lots more Elden Ring, Sony’s State of Play, and your feelings on cryptic vs. straightforward games.

Question of the Week: What achievement or trophy have you spent the longest amount of time trying to get?


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8 thoughts on “Wrestling Matches (In Non-Wrestling Games) – Vidjagame Apocalypse 462

  1. There’s a pretty big community of people willing to help people get into the Souls games the same way there is in Monster Hunter. For every toxic dickhead you see on twitter there are probably 10 willing to help.

  2. QOTW: I’m not sure what achievement I’ve been hunting the longest but I can almost guarantee it’s part of the Arkham series. I treated the Riddler trophies in City like their own separate indie puzzle game where the objective was to drive green Jonathan Blow to have a mental breakdown. Every Halloween I dip back into the black and orange world of Arkham Knight to clean up the last of those side objectives. Speaking of seasonal gaming I have been inching through the New Game+ in Arkham Origins for that “I Am The Night” achievement since Christmas of 2016. Every year I make it a little further in that permadeath campaign mode and I’m sure one of these years some random thug’s going to land a lucky punch erasing years of progress.

  3. QOTW: I think I’ve mentioned this one before, but the Zombie Genocider achievement from Dead Rising (get a kill-count equal to the population of Willamette in a single cycle). I woke up one day, and figured that since I worked the swing shift I could probably do it before work. WRONG. I ended up having to pause the game, since there were no convenient urinals in the underground tunnels, go to work, come back, and finish before going to bed.

  4. Just a tip for eldin if you hold down the button for items it will auto jump to crimson flask after a sec

  5. (I don’t know if it’s too late to send in a response to the question: I would like to send it in audio, so I’ll include a link, but I’ll also type it out in case that’s not doable.)


    The achievement that comes to mind is the “Over 9000” trophy in the HD Collection of Devil May Cry 2. This game has a mode called the Bloody Palace, where you can fight endless waves of enemies, and after each round you can proceed one level, ten levels, or a hundred levels (each with an appropriate jump in difficulty). The achievement was to get past floor 9000, which means (at a minimum) 90 floors of fights. That’s a big number, and as a result, the achievement can easily take 6-7 hours of uninterrupted play (because, I forgot to mention, the game doesn’t track your progress for anything except the achievement- you can’t save your progress, nor can you exit the Bloody Palace without resetting the game entirely).

    I had gotten all of the achievements in Devil May Cry 1, 3, and all of them in 2 except this one, and while the amount of time required was daunting (what if I die and lose all my progress?) I was up to the challenge. So I cleared out my schedule, sat down with my drinks and snacks, and cracked my knuckles for a solid day of gaming.

    At about floor 7000 (so, about 5-6 hours in) I killed all of the enemies but the game didn’t advance. I did some googling and found out that, apparently, this game mode has a SURPRISINGLY COMMON glitch where an enemy will spawn inside a wall. And since you can’t hit them inside a wall, you can’t kill them, and you can’t progress to the next floor. So, my 5-6-hour session was completely wasted.

    But, I wouldn’t be dissuaded- I was one achievement from 100%ing an entire collection of three games. So I cleared out another day a few weeks later, sat down with my snacks and drinks, and started again.

    It happened again. A little sooner this time, maybe floor 5000?

    I was pissed. About ten hours I’d put in so far, with absolutely nothing gained from it. “Eff this game” I thought. Except….

    …I REALLY wanted that 100%. So, I set aside a third day, determined to do this once and for all.

    I was about 8000 floors in when yet another enemy spawned inside a wall.

    Eff this game. Devil May Cry 2 sucks. Any achievement that makes you play uninterrupted for multiple hours sucks.

    Love the show.

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