Born to Fight Dinosaurs – Vidjagame Apocalypse 477

One of humanity’s greatest regrets is that we never existed at the same time as dinosaurs, and therefore never got to fight them in a planetwide Thunderdome for control of existence. So instead, we imagine the conflict over and over in videogames. This week, Chris picks out five of the best games to feature human-on-dinosaur violence, after which we’ll get into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, Neon White, news about Final Fantasy VII Remake and Dragon’s Dogma sequels, and your favorite multi-version games.

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite dinosaur moment in a videogame?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is D is for Dinosaur by Buddy Davis.


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4 thoughts on “Born to Fight Dinosaurs – Vidjagame Apocalypse 477

  1. It’s hard to choose between every moment of the SNK arcade shooter Prehistoric Isle 2, which has you fighting dinosaurs in a modern day city with your trusty helicopter and chasing the Fritos delivery truck around in the underrated XBLA game Doritos Dash of Destruction. Especially when three friends link up to play as the Fritos drivers. There’s nothing more satisfying than picking them up with your tiny little arms and eating all the nacho cheese goodness in the back.

  2. My favorite dinosaur moment from a game comes from Peter Jackson’s King Kong. I specifically remember the demo of this game because its the first thing I ever played on an Xbox 360 at a kiosk in Gamestop a few weeks before the console launched. The demo has the player being chased by a T-Rex in first-person and eventually taking hiding in a cave while it peaks its head into the entrance and sniffs around. But you aren’t rendered dinosaur prey for the entire game as it shifts perspective to Kong and you the player get to knock the ever-loving shit out of a few T-Rexes and finishing the fight by breaking their jaws. I did eventually pick this game up; its probably one of my favorite licensed games of all time and I wish more games had the player being hunted by a giant dinosaur because its incredibly thrilling.

  3. Fav dinosaur moment in a game is the dread I felt in Mario Odyssey when you fall off the map in Steam Gardens and have to run from a trex in the dark dusty undergrowth. There’s very quiet music and you can HEAR HIM WALKING AROUND LIKE A 3 STORY TALL DEATHWISH. QUICK , BETTER HIDE BY LITERALLY POSSESSING THIS TREE.

  4. There was a spin-off Ultima 5 (or was it 6?) title called The Savage Empire that threw the player into a prehistoric valley of Eden filled with extinct animals and human tribes from various real world cultures. The most terrifying moment in the game was whenever the beautiful ambient jungleusic would change to the startling “enemies are nearby!” music. The *second* most terrifying thing was the Allosaurus that players could find in the wild, a huge multi-tile creature. If you were foolish enough to simply hold down a direction key for movement, and had PC that slightly struggled to run the game, you could easily run headfirst into such a beast even though it’s a turn based game. The game also did feature a t Rex as a sort of boss, the quest line had some “Three Stooges” cameo characters give the player a moonshine tipped spear to somehow knock it out so the player could grab a maguffin. The game was almost like an early Far Cry in setting, with a huge open world, multitudes of secrets and companions to find and some light crafting elements.

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