2022’s Best Games (So Far) – Vidjagame Apocalypse 478

We’re at the halfway point of another year, which means it’s time to look back and anoint our five favorite games of 2022’s first six months, with help from TL Foster! Then we’ll get into the Capcom Fighting Collection, Cuphead’s Delicious Last Course, more Neon White discourse, Nintendo Direct news, and your favorite videogame dinosaur moments!

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite game of 2022 so far?


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3 thoughts on “2022’s Best Games (So Far) – Vidjagame Apocalypse 478

  1. QOTW: Unlike most years I was actually able to play a few games that qualify for this QOTW, on account of being laid off in January. Horizon: Forbidden West, while not as engaging as Zero Dawn, was still a mostly enjoyable experience, with the notable exception of the rubberband racing side quest. I’m excited to see what the new Nemesis has in store for the third game.
    Runner up Rainbow 6: Extraction was still a great game that I wish I could play more of, I just don’t have regular free time to dedicate to it anymore and I don’t want to hold back the squad.

  2. My GOTHY is Elden Ring, hands-down… it’s been the best community gaming experience of my life, since everyone I know has had a different journey and has made different discoveries. By far the best part has been playing side-by-side with my friend in her living room, on two monitors, tackling the same dungeons and bosses simultaneously and exchanging tips and “oh my god did you see that”s as we struggle through together. Never ever thought I could handle a souls game but bringing the “discovery around every corner of a beautiful world” element from BOTW was all that I needed to hook me. I’m taking it slow and loving every second of it.

  3. Elden Ring was so good that I’ve been playing games less since I beat it. Nothing else for now can compare

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