Don’t Even Breathe – Vidjagame Apocalypse 493

It’s the second week of Spooptober, so Tony Wilson of Framework joins us for a look at five games where holding your breath can make you invisible to ghosts and monsters – for as long as you can keep it in. Then we’ll get into Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, reactions to the Mario movie trailer and the canceled Kingdom Hearts TV show, and your scariest water-related stories.

Question of the Week: Other than Chris Pratt or Charles Martinet, who do you think should play Mario (with or without an accent), and why?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Don’t Make A Sound by The Like.


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One thought on “Don’t Even Breathe – Vidjagame Apocalypse 493

  1. QoTW: What’s your favorite memory of G4?

    When Kevin Rose and Sarah Lane left Attack of the Show, G4 held open auditions for a new cohost in New York, Chicago and LA. I was in New Jersey at the time, so I took the train into the city to try out. The line wrapped around the block and took several hours. When I reached the front, I was put in a group of about 20 other people, and told “on the count of three, yell out your favorite segment from Attack of the Show.” I yelled “Margarita Tuesdays!” They asked everyone else to leave, asked me a few questions, then told me to come back the next day.
    The next day was a Friday. I showed up and stood in a much shorter line of maybe 100 people. We were given a phonebook-sized questionnaire and told to answer as many questions as we could – general pop culture knowledge stuff, but mostly about comics, with some very specific deep cuts. They called us into the room in pairs and asked us to mock debate, as if we were just given a headline after a commercial break. The debate topic was “who is a better Batman: Michael Keaton or Christian Bale?”

    The kicker? Batman Begins had just premiered the night before at midnight! They were looking for someone who was willing to wait in line all day, then turn around, wait in another line to see a midnight release and come back ready to talk about it the next day! I was lucky enough to be assigned “Pro-Keaton” as my platform, but my improv partner just froze up and started yelling ” I’ve never seen a Batman movie” over and over again. Obviously, I didn’t get the part.

    The winner from each city got to cohost the show for 1 week, after which viewers were supposed to vote on who the new permanent cohost would be. I think they all tested so poorly that they just hired Olivia Munn.

    TL;DR: I could have been Olivia Munn, but instead, Olivia Munn is Olivia Munn.

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