2022’s Best Remakes and Remasters – Vidjagame Apocalypse 501

This year has seen some excellent revivals of old games on new hardware, so let’s kick off awards season a little early and take a look at our five favorite remasters and remakes of 2022, after which we’ll get into The Callisto Protocol, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Need for Speed Unbound, Microsoft’s acquisition moves, and movie games that stuck out in your head as ignoring the movies’ plots.

Question of the Week: Did you have a favorite remake or remaster that came out this year? Tell us about it.


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4 thoughts on “2022’s Best Remakes and Remasters – Vidjagame Apocalypse 501

  1. QotW: Does the Cowabunga Collection count as an entire collection of Remasters? Cause if so, that’d have to be mine.
    If I have to narrow it down further, the SNES version of Turtles in Time.

  2. Tactics Ogre Reborn is the one remake this year I got really into. My favorite changes are quality of life improvements that save you on busy work. Skill requirements for equipment have been eased up, crafting doesn’t have a chance to fail anymore, and fallen allies have a few turns to be revived before they face permadeath. I personally like that middle ground because I typically restart a mission in permadeath games without the feature, but will accept the death if I have time to revive and still fail. The enemy AI has been made a lot better too which makes the game way more engaging. This is the definitive version of an excellent experience.

  3. QotW: Pac-Man World Repac-ed. Enjoyed an old fashioned 90s platformer showing up on the Switch. to fill the void after beating Frogun.

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