Racer Time: SMB3 Brett vs Chris – World 7

Uuuuuugh here we go. World 7. The one with all the pipes. No one is looking forward to this. It’s going to sap our will to live. But we must persevere and see if Brett can keep his momentum going!

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King Famikong – a sorta Shit Show stream

Did you know King Kong starred in a Famicom-only, isometric smash ’em up? Well, he did! And we’re gonna play it for today’s Shit Show, as we assume it won’t be very good. But hey, apes!

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Racer Time: SMB3 Brett vs Chris – World 6

Well, here we go. If Brett loses this one then it’s pretty much a done deal. Maybe Chris will suddenly fall ill or have some kind of “unfortunate” incident during the level? Tune in every Monday at 3pm Pacific for… Read more

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Zelda: A video history of golden cartridges

You’re not seeing things – I already wrote this feature years ago! But now with motion picture technology, Laser Time is proud to present a video version of this same premise! The big takeaway here is that there are more… Read more

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Monday Race – Super Mario Bros 3 World 5

OK. This has gone on long enough. Chris keeps winning these AND he beat Dave at both Simspons races last month. What happened to my commanding victories in SM64 and SMB1? Where is that Brett?

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Ys Origin live stream – watch the Ys ExpertYs

First released on FRIGGIN’ WINDOWS XP in 2006, Ys Origin is now available on PS4. Why this has come to pass is beyond me, but hey, as a giant Ys dorkass I’m ready to finally dive into this decade-old prequel.

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Turok Turns Twenty – 90 minutes of N64 tunes

It’s a new VGMpire! And whyyyyy, of all games on Earth, are we doing a Turok episode? Because the 1997 original is about to turn 20 years old… and because there’s plenty of great music to discover. Grab the episode… Read more

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Monday Race – SMB3 World 4

Can you believe the BULLSHIT of World 3? That goddamn fish ate swallowed me whole like 50 friggin’ times and let’s not forget the, uh, other things that were not my fault and led to Chris taking an early lead… Read more

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