The 7 Grossest Commercial Mascots

There’s an old saying in advertising: sex sells. Well, at some point in recent years, it was decided that “gross sells” just as well, and these ads ran with it, giving us some extremely disturbing and gross cartoon characters to… Read more

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The Search for Minute Maid Billy

For years, one question has haunted me. No matter where I go, or what I do, it torments me, it belittles and attacks me. That question: whatever happened to Billy?

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How to Create an Oscar-Winner in 5 Easy Steps!

With the Academy Awards approaching, that self-congratulatory season of awards to the wealthy, powerful and successful people in the entertainment industry is underway.

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35 Reasons The Secret of Nimh Is The Greatest

The Secret of Nimh just turned 35 years old. Released in the glorious and legendary summer of 1982, it was not a hit at first (some think its box office failure can be attributed to a little movie called E.T.),… Read more

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The Krampus: A Retrospective

You’ve heard the name, you might have seen the movie, but who exactly is Krampus? And where does the story come from? Let’s find out.

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A Very Metal Christmas: 16 Songs for Rockin’ Out

So you like the holidays, but aren’t a fan of Christmas music because it just isn’t metal enough. Do you wish the Twelve Days of Christmas was actually turned up to 11? Disappointed that Jingle Bell Rock isn’t really a… Read more

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Ranking the Movies of Desperate D-List Actor Troy McClure

Hello, Laser Time. I’m here to tell you about Troy McClure. This has-been has been a man about Tinseltown, starring in questionable project after questionable project. His film career is hardly discussed, since there is only scant footage and information… Read more

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Supernatural’s Best Monster Episodes

Saving people, hunting things, the family business… the Winchester brothers were raised by their father to hunt and kill the monstrous things that go bump in the night. Presented are my personal selections of fun standalone episodes, each featuring a… Read more

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13 Modern Frankenstein Monsters

The legend of the Frankenstein monster doesn’t stop with Mary Shelley’s novel. Here are 13 examples of the monster trend that keeps going.

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