The Potential of VR: T Time Episode 9

With the release of PlayStation VR, all the biggest virtual reality players are now in the race. But now that we have a handle on VR, what should we do with it? Here are some ideas.

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Tea Parties and Politeness: T Time Episode 8

Video game land is full of total jerks like Bowser and Kefka, but what about some of the gentler folks? Thanks to a suggestion from a Laser Time community member, I’m going to track down the most polite and gentile… Read more

By LaserTony | 2

The RPG Singer Class: T Time Episode 5

When you think of RPG classes, you probably imagine warriors and mages and rogues. But what about the less common singers? What’s up with them, and why are they so powerful? I attempt to find out.

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PlayStation Plus Rules: T Time Episode 3

Nowadays, every video game company has its own special club. Xbox has Games with Gold, EA has Access, and Sony has PlayStation Plus. So what makes Sony’s service so good? And what is it really meant for?

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The Pilot Thingy: T Time Episode 0

Hey, you guys remember when I did that pop culture video series? I’m doing another one, and this time it’s all about video games. I’ll let this pseudo-pilot do the talking.

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SNL Viewers Club: Drake

Chart-topping, Degrassi-attending Drake pulled double duty on Saturday Night Live this time around. Did he make Canada proud?

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SNL Viewers Club: Russell Crowe with Margo Price

Chances are, you’ve seen at least one Russell Crowe movie. But how did he fare as a host of Saturday Night Live? You’ll have to read (or scroll down to the grade, I guess) to find out.

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