SNL Viewers Club: Larry David with The 1975

The Seinfeld co-creator and all-around funny man hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time. Is it worth watching? Should you “curb your enthusiasm” before tuning in?

By LaserTony | 3

One Year, 189 Movies

No seriously, I watched 189 movies this year. Don’t worry, the first page is just a Top 10 list.

By LaserTony | 11

Watch James Bond Try to Rent a Car on the Late Show

If you haven’t been watching the new Late Show with Stephen Colbert, you’re missing out big time. Stephen’s show retains plenty of that Colbert Report weirdness, the perfect antidote to Letterman’s end-of-the-show malaise.

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Top 7 Cancelled Horror Games

It’s October, which means anybody who writes on the web is legally required to talk about horror video games before Halloween. But the joke’s on you, because you’ll never actually get to play these. Hah!

By LaserTony | 8