Tetris – Episode 013

The pieces have fallen into place for our new miniseries and we’re facing a Soviet invasion! Tetris breaks through the Iron Curtain to take hold of American and Japanese cultures, but in very different ways. Find out how Tetris has… Read more

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Arcade Obscura (Invaders from Space) – Episode 012

We’re bringing the Invaders from Space miniseries in for a landing as the co-hosts talk about their pick for underrated or obscure space shooter. Did Mr. SNK and PastBlaster switch brains? Is it possible to have romantic feelings for huge… Read more

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Sinistar – Episode 011

Beware, I live! The untold (until now) history of Sinistar is explored with the help of the co-creators of the game: John Newcomer and Noah Falstein. Get the inside information on how Williams created some of the best arcades of… Read more

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Galaga – Episode 010

We revisit Namco to talk about what they built on with Galaxian to bring us (arguably) the best arcade game ever – Galaga! What does an extinct species of shark have to do with spaceships? What is the proper way… Read more

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Defender – Episode 009

Williams breaks into the arcade scene (and record books) with Defender. Find out how a pinball company entered into the video game race and nurtured some thrilling talent that is still pumping out arcade games today. How did Williams harness… Read more

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Asteroids – Episode 008

My God, look at the size of that thing! Atari makes a cultural impact with Asteroids and introduces the masses to high scores. When did the golden age of video games get literal? How did landing on the moon lead… Read more

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Galaxian – Episode 007

Mission: Destroy Aliens! Arcade games enter the world of color (or so the non-colorblind tell us). We dig into the history of NAMCO which started with rocking horses and – with some unintended help from the Yakuza – eventually gave… Read more

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Space Invaders – Episode 006

Across the gulf of space… intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us. The Invaders from Space miniseries begins with first contact – Taito’s Space Invaders! Why… Read more

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Arcade Obscura (Fighting Games) – Episode 005

Finish Him! Our Fighting Game Wars miniseries wraps up with Arcade Obscura. Each host presents a little-known, underappreciated, or underrated fighting game to the audience. The other hosts make fun of their love for it! This episode also includes discussion… Read more

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Fighter’s History – Episode 004

  All litigious hell breaks loose as Capcom takes on Data East’s game, Fighter’s History, on the biggest stage of them all – the United States District Court. What was it about Fighter’s History that caused Capcom to sue? Why… Read more

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Art of Fighting – Episode 003

  SNK doubles down on Neo Geo fighters with the release of Art of Fighting. It has all the things you love from other fighting games, but less! Why are these characters so big? Why are some of these characters… Read more

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Fatal Fury – Episode 002

  A new challenger approaches! SNK calls “next” on Capcom as they launch their own Street Fighter II competitor — Fatal Fury. Who are the Bogard Brothers? Does having fewer playable characters require a better story? What the hell are… Read more

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Introducing Podouken – An Arcade Podcast

A PODCAST FOR ARCADE LOVERS. From the owners of 100+ arcade and pinball cabinets, and the proprietors of a real-life arcade comes PODOUKEN, a brand new podcast that takes a deep dive into the world of video arcade games, and… Read more

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