Laser Time – Three Guys A-Goofin’

Chris is sick, but a special guest replaced him (hint: with chins). Tyler tried to pull something together, then got sick too and edited the podcast while slightly delirious. Brett was there too, we think. Can you tell you’re in… Read more

By Wilde | 29

Watch us Wrestle LIVE

[UPDATE: Thanks to all for the Watch n’ Chat! Our playthrough of the laughably horrendous WWF In Your House and WCW/NWO Thunder resides below.] Chris, Brett, Hank, Dave and Grimm are taking on several PlayStation 1 “classics” right before your… Read more

By Wilde | 52

Chris and Tyler clean the fridge

You may have heard some of our cohorts complain of a certain smell while recording Laser Time. That’s because we record in our kitchen, and our fridge is also in our kitchen. Thing is, we sort of haven’t used it… Read more

By Wilde | 62