Anime Streaming Showcase: Basilisk

Romeo & Juliet may very well be the oldest romantic tragedy of all time, and adding ninjas to the mix is an obvious must. But does that make Basilisk worthwhile or should the series be left buried? A.S.S.K Me Queries… Read more

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Anime Streaming Showcase: Kaiba

Before Devilman Crybaby, before Ping Pong, Masaaki Yuasa had created one of the strongest, trippiest anime to date: Kaiba.
Get in my head, as I try to get into Yuasa’s and discover what makes Kaiba so great!

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Anime Streaming Showcase: Houseki no Kuni

A surprise for many of 2017, Houseki no Kuni was called a gem among countless other anime, but does it crack under the pressure, or is this a precious jewel worth the investment?

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Anime Streaming Showcase: Madoka★Magica

I dare you to accept my contract and become a magical Youtube viewer with this week’s Anime Streaming Showcase. A lot of modern anime owe many dues to Madoka★Magica, so let’s transform into magical girls and find out why!

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Anime Streaming Showcase: Elfen lied

Elfen Lied is certainly a divisive series full of blood, naked ladies, and that good ol’ anime charm.
But is it worth being in your queue?

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Anime Streaming Showcase: Tenjho Tenge

Tenjho Tenge is a brutal martial arts show that climaxes, just not in a satisfying, worthwhile manner. Allow the latest A.S.S to explore it fully for you.

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Anime Streaming Showcase: Code Geass

10 years later and I look at Code Geass, a series that put a lot of spins on a genre that needed quite a boost in the 2000s. Does this demand your attention, or can you wash it from your memories?

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