Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #6

Holy cow!  You’d better buckle up, because Kuros is about to take you on a journey you won’t soon forget!  You don’t want to miss reading Ladies’ Knight with Kuros, so click the link and start reading!

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Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #5

Watch Kuros as he is served a new and particularly potent alcoholic beverage at The Naughty Damsel.  You don’t want to miss it!

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Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #4

Kuros offers a bit of advice most people don’t know about.  Use those fingers of yours and start clicking the link to read the latest Ladies’ Knight with Kuros right now!

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Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #3

Men that use Ladies’ Knight with Kuros as an outline for how to talk to women don’t just get some women… they get all the women!  Don’t be the only guy at the bar not spittin’ game like Kuros!  Read… Read more

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Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #1

That’s right, it’s Ladies’ Knight!  From the pages of Ask Ax Battler comes Kuros in his first ever solo webcomic series!

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Ask Ax Battler! Comic 8

Ax Battler quickly answers a question from the Laser Time community before going on vacation. Where is he going? Not even Lamont Cranston knows! Read on!

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Ask Ax Battler! Comic 7

Ax Battler answers fan mail as only he can in this latest installment of Ask Ax Battler! Why are you still reading this?! Start clickin’ and start readin’!

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Ask Ax Battler! Comic 6

Click your mouse and prepare your eyes!  It’s time once again for Ask Ax Battler!  Stick around…

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Ask Ax Battler! Comic 5

Ax Battler continues to address your burning questions with no-nonsense answers.  Can you smell what Ax Battler is cooking?

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Ask Ax Battler! Comic 4

Ax Battler takes time out of his busy day killing foes to answer not one, but TWO of your burning questions! You can’t possibly click “continue reading” fast enough!

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Ask Ax Battler! Comic 3

Ax Battler tackles another hard-hitting question from the Laser Time community. Don’t delay! Read the latest Ask Ax Battler today!

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