Anime Streaming Showcase: Kaiba

Before Devilman Crybaby, before Ping Pong, Masaaki Yuasa had created one of the strongest, trippiest anime to date: Kaiba.
Get in my head, as I try to get into Yuasa’s and discover what makes Kaiba so great!

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Monday Night Movie – Blade!

Be here tonight at 6PM Pacific / 9PM Eastern to watch the the movie that gave way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It all started here, folks, with Blade!

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Monday Night Movie – Clerks!

Be here tonight at 6PM Pacific / 9PM Eastern to watch the cult classic that taught a generation of nerds how to care too much about useless minutiae. We’re watching Clerks!

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Anime Streaming Showcase: Houseki no Kuni

A surprise for many of 2017, Houseki no Kuni was called a gem among countless other anime, but does it crack under the pressure, or is this a precious jewel worth the investment?

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Monday Night Movie – UHF

Be here at a special time (4PM Pacific, 7PM Eastern) as we all sit down for a joint viewing of Weird Al’s immortal classic, UHF.

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Anime Streaming Showcase: Madoka★Magica

I dare you to accept my contract and become a magical Youtube viewer with this week’s Anime Streaming Showcase. A lot of modern anime owe many dues to Madoka★Magica, so let’s transform into magical girls and find out why!

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Our Disneyland Adventure Continues!

The guys may be away, but there’s still tons of content for you to enjoy over the break including our continuing adventure through virtual Disneyland!

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Itchy and Scratchy: The Awful SNES Game

Making the best of our Holiday preparations, we roped in the Talking Simpsons kids into a stream of Itchy and Scratchy for Super Nintendo while recording way to many podcasts. THEIR PLANET NEEDED THEM!

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