Poison Popcorn – Yakuza Weapon

When bringing the magic of manga to a live action format, it’s important not to lose anything in translation. Luckily Yakuza Weapon has taken bat shit crazy to dizzying new heights in order to retain the integrity of its ink… Read more

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Poison Popcorn – Conquest

A Beastmaster wannabe and his curly-haired sidekick team up to take down a perpetually climaxing villainess and her army of wookies in Fulci’s Conquest. Gore galore and breasts aplenty await you through a Vaseline coated lens, which is called a… Read more

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If you thought watching Sean Connery gallivanting about in thigh-high boots and a bright red diaper circa Zardoz was disturbing, prepare to get an eyeful of the soft, downy parts of David Carradine that you never wanted to see in… Read more

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Poison Popcorn – Hell Comes to Frogtown

Rowdy Roddy Piper may never have experienced the unbridled joy of being World Champion, but when you sign up to a movie whose premise singularly revolves around your potent and virile love juice dispenser, well that’s all the validation you’ll… Read more

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Poison Popcorn – The Pit

Can’t decide on a Halloween horror movie this year? Let little Jamie lend a hand – between seeing dead people, tending to a pit full of monsters and having meaningful conversations with his sociopath teddy bear, he’s got enough crazy… Read more

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Poison Popcorn – Osombie

Couldn’t get enough of Osama Bin Laden being dead the first time around? Of course you couldn’t! You’re Americans! Well he’s back, he’s a zombie and he’s going to die again for your sins – wait, that’s the other guy…. Read more

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Poison Popcorn – New Kids Nitro

  The Dutch are known for many things; their pungent ovens, reliance on alcohol in the face of danger and magnificent coffee shops that don’t sell a bean of the brown stuff. And now there’s a new Dutch staple that… Read more

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Poison Popcorn – The Church

Back in jolly old Medieval times, any wild-eyed geriatric with a membership to the church foaming at the mouth with religious fervour, was given absolute power over military factions to rape, pillage and ransack any persons they saw fit. So… Read more

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Poison Popcorn – Gothic

  It’s the 1800s and the concept of free love is doing a warm up tour, spreading sex, love and syphilis in its wake with a chance of a ‘surprise bitch – you’re pregnant!’ bonus thrown in for the regular… Read more

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Inside the Actors Studio Meets The Candyman

What lies inside the minds of the creatures nightmares are made of? Well there’s only one surefire way to find out – ask them. That’s a slightly more difficult task if the inside of said creature’s mind is inside of… Read more

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Poison Popcorn – Raw Meat

    As misleading movie posters go, Raw Meat tops them all. There is no wild haired Moses type surrounded by busty blonde women hanging makeshift togas from their erect nipples in an unconvincing attempt at covering their modesty. What… Read more

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Poison Popcorn – Revenge of the Ninja

Only a ninja can stop a ninja. And only a ninja’s son can beat the crap out of a Sonya Blade lookalike and a hulking fat ass who likes to play with nunchucks.

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Super Sentai Spider-Man!

With great power comes great responsibility. So when you’re handed a 3 year licensing agreement to use whichever Marvel property you goddam feel like, the obvious choice is the wiry contortionist that is Spider-Man.

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Poison Popcorn – Terrorvision

Not too long ago, in a galaxy not too far away – this one, in all probability – a mucilaginous mound of sentient matter, that could well be the result of bungled attempts at splicing together the DNA of Jabba… Read more