Shibuyakasha – Vidjagame Apocalypse 430

Neo: The World Ends With You is out this week, giving us the first completely new TWEWY since the DS original, as well as an excuse to revisit Shibuya, one of Tokyo’s coolest neighborhoods. Let’s celebrate with a look at… Read more

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194X – Episode 048

We get loopy with the historically (in)accurate Capcom shooter series based on middle-aged white men’s favorite war, the 194X series. Count with us as we cover 1942, 1943, 1941, 19XX, and 1944 in a way that’s totally not confusing. How… Read more

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Gradius – Episode 047

We’re blasting off on the first episode of our new SHMUP miniseries with the shooter that set the mold for horizontal STGs – Konami’s Gradius. How did this accidental hit become such a groundbreaking series? What anime movie had a… Read more

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Channel Drift – Laser Time #428

What’s on TV tonight? Does it matter?! Television shows remain great, while TV itself seems in an unstoppable cycle of decay. Have you noticed your favorite Nature or Music channel look alarmingly similar these days, when you need them most?… Read more

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Laser Time

Naked Gun 2, Pootie Tang, Transformers 3, and A.I.

June 25-July 1: The Smell of Fear, Ginger Snaps, Seinfeld, the finale of the Witwicky Transformers trilogy, Court TV debuts, an epic collaboration between two of the best directors of the century, Chris Rock sines his pitty on the runny… Read more

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Arcade Obscura (Drivers) – Episode 046

It’s time for another Arcade Obscura where each of the hosts pitch their choice of underrated or under-appreciated driving-based arcade game. Rob goes full ‘Merica with a cross-country racer that features the first appearance of a beloved video game mascot…. Read more

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