BEST OF: Laser Time’s top episodes of 2016

What were the top 2016 episodes of the podcast that started it all? Read on as we count down the top five episodes of the internet’s fourth-leading pop-culture podcast, Laser Time!

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2016 Horror Film Recommendations, Part Deux

What’s going on, Laser Timers? Springtime is upon us, and so is another round of horror movie recommendations. I have a pretty solid list that includes zombies, vampires, comedies, and thrillers, all guaranteed to give you good times, or you… Read more

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7 Unpopular Bond Movies Worth a Second Look

The 007 franchise spans over fifty years and includes twenty-four official films. With flicks ranging from 1962 to 2015, helmed by dozens of directors and scripted by countless writers, it understandably has its share of hits and misses. What may… Read more

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Ray Donovan: The Best of Mickey Donovan

Showtime’s Ray Donovan wants so hard to ride the coattails of The Sopranos. On a surface level, the comparison works. Both shows feature a crime family, with the lead doing nasty things as he attempts to straighten out his ways… Read more

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